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Josquin des Pres: I started playing Fretless Bass at the age of 20, this was back Josquin des Pres: I friend had pull out the frets on his Gibson EB2 and he then. Simplified Sight-Reading for Bass. +. Jon Liebman: Bass Aerobics (Book/Online Audio) (Includes Online Access Code. +. Music Theory for the Bass Player: A. La Bernardina (Josquin Desprez) . Alternative. Title. Composer, Josquin Desprez. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IJ Language, French. Composer Time.

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We were dex than miles from both the Spanish and Italian borders. Growing up in a classical music environment has a tremendous impact on your ear and your sense of harmony, especially as a composer, songwriter, etc. Alex Acuna was on Drums… the closest to Jaco I ever felt….

What bands or projects feature you playing fretless bass? Skip to content Josquin des Pres. A while back, I started a project with a couple members of The Gipsy Kings, sort of a cross cultural blend of World Music and pop, but since they live in France and I live in California, it may take a while to complete.

Landing the opportunity to collaborate with someone who has created this incredible body of work has been a blessing that helped take my career and skills to a whole new level.


Performers Albert den Teuling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. People send me their files to record on. Josquin des Pres is a world-renowned bassist, producer, songwriter, author and music entrepreneur.

Josquin des Pres

In the late ves, Bernie Taupin and Josquin Des Pres wrote several songs that have been recorded and performed and by various artists around the globe. Over the last 4 decades, Josquin des Pres has produced CDs for major and independent labels, written songs for major and independent artists and as a bass player, Josquin Des Pres has recorded and shared credits with studio musicians.

In the late s, Taupin and Des Pres wrote several songs covered by various artists around the globe. I only play with my fingers index and middle finger.

Hal Leonard Publishing released it and that was the beginning of a long series of releases: Sixteen altogether, totaling overcopies sold to date.

Previous Interview Dec 17 Reid Anderson. Tell me about your experience with Bernie Taupin. I found myself in Paris, signing my first recording contract with a band on United Artists Records.

Interview – Josquin des Pres – For Bass Players Only

Songwriters Hall of Fame. These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection. I just ces making things happen. Can you identify a specific event, a defining moment?

La Bernardina (Josquin Desprez)

My father had an enormous record collection. I never took lessons. Javascript is required for this feature. Arranger Antonio Maria Bologna.


Right now I run my publishing company, Track Star Entertainment. Bach for Bassetc. When I arrived in L. After landing his first record deal at 19 and touring the world with some of the biggest acts in France, Josquin moved to Southern California to take his career to the next level.

His books are a standard in music instruction worldwide. Every fretless bass player is directly or indirectly influenced by Jaco, whether they know it or not, and no one has been able to match his amazing intonation, groove and musicality ever since.

Not to be confused with Josquin des Prez. Being a studio musician and record producer for over 25 years I have played on more projects then I could ever remember.

Additionally, I still write songs, produce and program tracks for a variety of up-and-coming pop artists, anything from Americana, pop-rock to dance to dubstep.

The music scene was extremely vivacious back then.