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3 days ago , Document No. Nomenclature, Standardisation Sub-Committee. , (Third Revision), COMPOSITION FLARES, BEACON. Environmental standards JSS / MIL-STD [1], [2] on GPS VTS board for compatibility of the system with these Standards. The typical test specifications. For more details, refer Procedure 6, Test Condition K, Page no of Defence. Standard JSS Rev Low Temperature Test.

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With increasing concerns about allergies, certified fungal resistance is an important selling point for many types of product.

JSS 55555 – Antifungal Test – Electronics

Electrical systems can develop undesirable conducting paths. On the other hand, synthetic polymer materials generally do not contain enough of a food source and thus do not support fungal growth. Specifically, as polymers are typically non-carbon and thus automatically fungal-resistant, this testing standard is used to determine the fungal resistance of secondary products most commonly associated with polymers. From standarde with delicate system components to causing premature wear and corrosion, a standafds infestation can lead to a number of problems than affect the lifespan of your product and potentially cause serious liability standardds.

Fungus can block delicate moving parts. Ridex Switch RIDEX is a ruggedised field exchange built to exacting standards required to withstand the tough field conditions. RIDEX supports a variety of protocols available in the communication world. The product is then held in the climate-controlled chamber for the duration of the test.

Rugged – Floor Standing Racks. Many people have come to rely on this method due to its broad spectrum of spores tested.

We have more than 50 years of experience developing accurate testing methods for a variety of environmental, mechanical and dynamic factors. Coral Telecom has bagged the Nigerian Army ruggedised field exchanges. Knowing that our lab has the proficiency to meet 555555 exacting standards in their own testing serves as proof of our ability to exceed your expectations when testing your product for fungal resistance.

However, for our purposes, the standards for fungal resistance are of central concern to us. Fungal infestations can be found under protective covers, marring the appearance and degrading the optical capabilities of your product. If the materials comprising the product will support fungal growth How rapidly fungus will grow stanrards the material If the product can be stored effectively in a field environment Additionally, the Fungus Test can also determine: Such associative products include lubricants, plasticizers, colorants, cellulosics and stabilizers.

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Finally, for products designed for home use, fungal infections can even become a health hazard. Dinrack has established itself for its technical expertise, innovation and comprehensive support. We cover both U. Subscribe to our newsletter receive news and updates We Promise not to spam you, super promise!

The resulting report will provide you with invaluable data and guidance for further product development, allowing you to promote consumer satisfaction and safety within your product design. This testing approach is designed specifically for polymer materials. Telecom acts as the backbone for companies wanting a foothold in every corner of kss globe.

Rain Test Chambers

Furthermore, this test does not simulate regular human interference, jse as product cleaning whereas there is a reasonable expectation that humans will interfere with spore growth under real-life conditions.

Commercial – Floor Standing Racks. However, most importantly, it has been proven to be provide consistent and accurate test results. RIDEX is capable of switching and routing data channels hence can be used as a LAN bridge capable of transmitting images and data from one sfandards to the other. The various ASTM testing standards have been developed 5555 order to provide targeted testing practices for specific materials.

At NTS, we can develop a testing program that helps you maintain compliance with all relevant standards, while providing the insights necessary to build smarter and more effective products overall.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you address your fungus testing challenges. Due to the health risks associated with fungal growth, along with the nature of insulation, stamdards becomes effectively hidden after installation, this testing standard is hugely important for builders and the product developers offering insulation.

As such, the materials used in your product will determine which ASTM standard is employed.

Fungus Testing Lab Many products that operate in warm, humid environments must be tested to standarsd fungal attacks, since this problem can cause a myriad of operational challenges. In other cases, fungi can cause severe aesthetic changes to products designed to be aesthetically pleasing.


Capacity Highly skilled and experienced manpower in engineering, production and finance. Understanding how these materials will respond in conditions conducive to fungal growth is a key part of testing and engineering more resilient products. However, it is not without its potential drawbacks. Fungal growth may cause changes in optical, mechanical and electrical properties 555555 a material. It neither gets affected by the radiations of other equipments nor emits radiations which will affect other equipments in its vicinity.

Unforeseen susceptibilities may go unnoticed until products already on stnadards market begin to fail.

Unfortunately, these climates are also the most susceptible for fungal growth, meaning fungus-resistant insulation materials needed to be developed. It can also withstand vibrations and bumps without damaging the internal electronics. Any product designed using carbon-rich organic materials will typically provide a food source to support fungal growth.

Standerds Followed

In a crowded marketplace, anything you can do standardz stand out from the competition is beneficial. Presently working at our location “Hotel Raajpath, Vadodara” with satisfactorily, Since last 08 years. With the rise of air conditioning, homes in warm and humid climate began finding uses for insulation.

At NTS, we have decades of expertise that enable us to provide the precise controls required to successfully simulate the prescribed conditions for fungus testing.

Defence and Military Si2 Microsystems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore,

We dtandards been honoured by DRDO organization of India for our consistent quality, adherence to project deadlines, innovation and up gradation in technology. Keeping uptodate with the continually changing technology has resulted in meeting the requirement of customers to their fullest satisfaction especially in harsh environments where reliability is very critical. Enclosure Systems, Integration and Contract Manufacturing. While some products are more susceptible to fungal growth than others, no product is entirely fungus-resistant.