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Registered User. Age: 25; Posts: 2,; Rep Power: DontNegImPreggo is just really nice. (+). JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Was it actual members that shows up? I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. DND JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting. CANFORGEN / 14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2) Selection for Special Operations.

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By madmass in forum Teen Bodybuilding. Is that even possible?? Members are selected from those who volunteer and those personnel utf2 and recommended by commanding officers and career managers for service in JTF 2. Want to add to the discussion? I could get everything but the jumping up to level 6. If you want max score, here’s what you have to get on the pre-selection fitness test: JTF 2 has between and personnel, with an average age of 37 Pugliese, Seriously, take any skinny but athletic enough kid and he can do jhf2 to his heart’s content I took the 1.

JTF2 Fitness Requirements

During the assessment process, candidates may decide that the job, as previewed during the assessment process, is not right for them, and workput voluntarily withdraw VW. Available from World Wide Web: In for the secret JTF2 documents.

But I have a feeling there’s some other skills I don’t have, like shooting people and jumping out of planes and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of myself for what I have accomplished, but there are plenty of people who are simply naturally better at athletics, and I guess I always kind of associated elite special forces with the same type of people who can be professional athletes, those who are naturally just better, no matter how much training you do.


I honestly don’t know if it was actual members or the physical trainers who are civilian staff. By TatItUp in forum Misc. You will either pass or fail the course, and even if you pass the instructors can give the final say.

Secrecy, Security and JTF2. Any CF member can apply to go for selection – clerks, cooks, pilots, anyone. I worked with a guy who said he could do it, so we made him try the phisical over lunch break.

Of the few that finish, fewer get picked up. I can pass both categories but not by much. I’m not saying it doesn’t really help to show up in great shape but it’s so so much more about your drive jtv2 determination. Can get 17 chin-ups from a deadhang pulling chest to bar, if I only had jt2 pull my chin over the bar I wor,out probably get Upon completion of the JTF workiut Assessment Centre, a selection board is held to determine which candidates that owrkout completed the assessment process will be invited to attend further training on the Special Operations Assaulter Course.

Bytotal manpower was approximately personnel Day,and comprised of: Category B Specialists are volunteers or those identified and recommended by their commanding officers and career managers and are selected based on their superior trade skills.

It’s like firefighter fitness tests. There was a SAR tech who died on that training mission when he broke his neck on deployment. If you experience any issues with this, please don’t hesitate to contact the moderators.

Category B Specialists are screened and selected as per Category C personnel.

I meant for initial recruitment – though after doing some digging seems that the armed forces do not have an upper limit on recruitment age. I could probably score around worjout. Selected technical specialists who provide specialty skills, which are directly related to their MOC. If you did that you went to the American school of your choice on a full-ride scholarship. I use metric time more often than not. Pretty much everyone is capable of a certain level of athleticism which far exceeds the average person.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts workotu email. This was also ten years ago for me.

Nous parlons fran├žais ici aussi!

Im pretty sure they used to, and I think it used to be jjtf2 or 38 max. By King Baer in forum Misc. JTF 2 Selection Process. I took the 1.

workuot I’m skinny and can do a lot of pushups and situps. Do you have what it takes? We decided on this description politely. After this test, those that get picked up go on selection. Performing effectively at height; Water confidence; Confined spaces; Individual and teamwork tasks; Psychological profile.

I don’t think it’s Canadians fault the JTF2 is shrouded in secrecy, people hardly even know about it. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. TBH, that’s pretty reasonable. There was a time the SAS were pretty low key too. I like seeing this post right up next to the wormout one but can’t for the life of me figure out why as a fat guy I clicked this one first.

JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation. Do you have what it takes? : canada

It was kind of disgusting. It’s because they haven’t plastered their brand everywhere. This is a preselection fitness test only.

The standard was based 2. That is extremely fast.