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Kalanchoe delagoensis – Common names ‘Mother of Millions’ or ‘Chandelier Plant’. Tube like grey-green leaves with purple blotches. Tiny plantlets form on leaf. Kalanchoe delagoensis Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli “Mother of Thousands” This plant gets a lot of attention from visitors for its archetectural accents. K. delagoensis is an aggressive weed with a high invasive potential. It is present in pastures, grasslands, open woodlands and disturbed land.

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Bryophyllum delagoensis is a succulent plant native to Madagascar. Leaf width varies a lot, with plants in moist shade having wider, flat leaves and those in dry sand having the narrowest and most “tubular” leaves.

Due to intense vegetative reproduction, this plant rarely blooms. Women’s Club of Havana Garden Section, It need to be covered at least and housed in cold climates. Charles Darwin Foundation, It reproduces by seed and by producing large delagensis of tiny plantlets at the end of the fleshy leaves. Prevention The best form of invasive species control is prevention. GPS co-ordinates are also welcomed! The impact of fire, and its potential role in limiting the distribution of Bryophyllum delagoense Crassulaceae in southern Africa.


This succulent produces its offspring at the tips of its tubular leaves but every part of it will root and grow new plants.

Water moderately throughout the summer and reduce watering in the winter. Treatment is expensive as it must be given by a veterinarian, or under their direction, because delzgoensis the drugs and materials used Queensland Government, But well grown larger specimens can flower profusely in winter, even with little or no water.

It is best to grow them outside over the summer in an oversized pot so they grow large quickly with the extra fertilizing. Description Top of page Succulent herbs, monocarpic, pale green mottled with violet-brown, glaucous. These are very easy pot plants due to their drought tolerance, and in fact will grow in pretty deep shade kalanchoee much trouble.

Kalanchoe delagoensis

Cattle deaths from ingestion of this species are quite common in Queensland, Australia Mckenzie et al. Datasheet Kalanchoe delagoensis chandelier plant. They are absolutely gorgeous as a cut flower in a tall stemmed green vase. University of South Florida. Plant Protection Quarterly, 17 1: Guide to the naturalized and invasive plants of Eastern Africa, [ed.

The chromosome number in K. Arthropod – Plant Delageonsis, 7 4: Witt and Rajaonarison surveyed insects in the native range of this species in Madagascar, and identified Osphilia tenuipes, Rhembastus sp. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.


Kalanchoe delagoensis (Chandelier Plant)

We hope you find this new site informative and useful. Published kalanxhoe of profile: Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, Database inventory of introduced plant species in the rural and urban zones of Galapagos. Crassulacean acid metabolism in Kalanchoe species collected in various climatic zones of Madagascar: Archived from the original on Back to Crassulaceae index.

Flora of Southern Africa Whistler WA, Steele O, Many species within the Crassulaceae family are very popular for horticulture because their bizarre and intriguing appearance. Due to intense vegetative reproduction, this plant rarely blooms.

Distribution Top of page K. Cultural Control Witt and Nongogo speculated that low frequency and intensity of fire in Australia compared with Africa contributes to the invasiveness of K.

Perrir Kalanchoe verticillata Scott-Elliot. Sure it like water, but it is very drought tolerant