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News ☛ ☆FUNNY KIKUYU PROVERBS☆ and funny Kikuyu quotes and the explanation of their meaning will educate you on some of the Kikuyu. Meaning. People laughs at those in trouble even when they are the next in line. Source: Macmillan (). 1, Kikuyu proverbs: with translations and English. Welcome for a comprehensive collection of Kikuyu proverbs and sayings. Topics includes: Love, wisdom, success, leadership, happiness, luck, inspirational.

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Kikuyu proverbs

There is no bow without its meat. It is a fact that this unfolding medical apocalypse hits haddest, the black race and is more forgiving to the white races. Morally the proverb means that men easily agree when deciding on an enterprise, but will probably quarrel as soon as they have obtained what they want. Facts and Life Hacks. No flying from fate. The above are some of the ancient Kikuyu proverbs and meaning.

Marrying a girls means giving a large numnber of goarts or cattle to her family.

Tag: Kikuyu Proverbs

Unknown 2 August at Travel broadens the mind. Like with any dialect, Kikuyu language has phrases, quotes, and proverbs that help to explain some of its deep cultures. Bata ndubatabataga Necessities proverbd end He that will have no trouble in this world must not be born in it. Andu matiui ngu, moi ithendu Me do not know hard firewood, but only lops people put aside hard tasks and devote themselves only to easy ones.


Starting from the day of the betrothal the price is kikhyu gradually. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The pot calling the kettle black. Evidently it is no simple matter if the would-be husband breaks his contract and demands the proverb of the marrieage price. Lichens are not strong enough to prevent a goat from falling.

Angimituiria na umirite ndangimiona rikii He who seeks his goat with the man who ate it, is certain not to find it.

When proverhs receive two visitors at the same time, you cannot treat them in the same manner, because they have different tastes. Kenya is one of the richest countries we have in Africa today. Ageni kikyu matiri utugire Two guests at the same time have no welcome. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. In the middle of the banquet a raven swooped down in the courtyard where the meat was being roasted, snatched a big piece and brought it to Wacu.

These constitute diamonds in the rough and they emerge as finely polished gems through usage.

Gathutha konagia mundu njira. This proverb is an encouragement that you need to keep working even if there is no appreciation coming your way. A man forewarned is forearmed. The ceremony is physically painful, but the candidate is expected to face the operation without wincing.

The following is a list of ten Kikuyu proverbs with translations and English equivalents or explanations for those who do not understand the Kikuyu language. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Giathi kiumu no kia murokero That of circumcision is a hard appointment Kikuju Kikuyu circumcision is a civil and religious rite by which the adolescent is admitted into the public life of the tribe and becomes a man in the full possession of his rights.


Causes of climate change in Kenya and the world Causes of climate change in Kenya and the world Signs that your wife is definitely cheating on you Signs that your wife is definitely cheating on you.

Here are some of the examples of Kikuyu kikiyu, Kikuyu proverbs, Kikuyu funny quotes, and Kikuyu phrases you should know. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Me porverbs not know hard firewood, but only lops people put aside hard tasks and devote themselves only to easy ones. Gutiri uru utuuraga, no wega utuuraga.

Kikuyu Proverbs & Sayings | Famous Inspirational Proverbs, Quotes, Sayings

Ciathanaga ikigua, itiathanaga ikiumbuka Birds agree when flying down, but do not agree when flying up. A woman is to be from her house three times: Symo 11 July at Where there is a will there is a way.

Ancient Kikuyus used this proverb to mean that women prlverbs no secrets, and they rarely tell the truth.