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The KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding. Praise for. Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design. “A must-have book for both those looking to get into this industry. Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding has ratings and 21 reviews. Patrick said: I’m unsure how best to rate this book. I got it to help me spark ideas and pr. Creating a setting for an RPG is a quite different thing than creating a world for a novel or a movie, or even a TV show or video game.

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Perhaps the most useful lesson to come out of the book, something repeated in differing contexts by a number of the contributors, understanding what to put in and what to leave out.

Jan 25, E. Oct 07, Angel Arturo rated it it was amazing Shelves: I genuinely expect to get a lot of use out of it. I will make the caveat that a brand new DM trying to design a tabletop RPG who could use a lot more of the very basic introductory information might still benefit a good deal from this. I got it to help me spark ideas and provide some guidance on effective worldbuiling, exercises, and organization techniques for world-building for use in writing speculative fiction, especially high fantasy.

However, even these essays are marked by their inability to express much in the way of successes rather than denoting failures. Refresh and try again.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding | Kobold Press Store

While everyone in the book is knowledgeable in RPG building and their credentials are impeccable, I read it as more of a “What not to do” rather than a comprehensive guide to “Construction” which is what I hoped it was.

Perhaps a combination of all three The references just felt like they went too far beyond their purposes. These types of religion are rare in fantasy games, often for good reason, but these essays give the best advice I have so ugide encountered on how to actually make them useful in a fantasy setting. Not only does he talk about how to create your own maps, but in doing so he also illuminates how this exercise helps to inform the world creation process itself.

There are a few gems, but unless you could really use guidance on religion worlduilding, mapmaking, or designing a world bible, I think this book won’t be super useful to you and even then, probably not worth the price of a full book with other essays unlikely to help you.


This is among the most highlighted books on my Kindle.

We also encourage users to register an account. A great collection of short essays on designing fictional worlds. In koobold works, this advice was painfully obvious and usually linked to the tone of the genre, but here he explores specific design issues associated with the content of the theme. Paper55 rated it really liked it Aug 03, Over a third of the total offering is penned by Wolfgang Baur, who also compiled the whole thing.

As opposed to just use free internet resources? A decent resource for writers, but as you read more of these types of books, you start to see the same advice and tips over and over. Over a third of I picked up the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding based on my interest in writing fantasy and running roleplaying games.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding (Kobold Guides to Game Design)

The next four essays I quite enjoyed, focusing on pantheons and religious sects and practices in fantasy worlds the fourth is technically on guilds, but I see guilds playing a similar function, at least in the sense they’re using the term, so I group it together with these.

It can also exist outside the realm of scifi-literature and RPG-gaming as a means of exploring possibilities.

I have read at least four or five works on the subject of worldbuilding over the years. Keith Baker Goodreads Author. Want to keep up with the latest kobold news? But I don’t get the feeling that audience is especially large for the book. I’m unsure how best to rate this book.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

To ask other readers questions about Kobold Guide to Worldbuildingplease sign up. Almost like all of the authors of worldbuilding books have read “So-and-so’s Guide to Guides about Worldbuilding”. The tk was too simplistic. Excellent guide to designing game worlds from a selection of top designers. It helps of course that the collective contributors would have, at a conservative guess, well over two hundred years experience in the field of professional game design and speculative fiction writing.

Fine for my needs, but a caveat nonetheless. I’m wary of buying such a product without being able to even check it out a bit. I’t really like to give this four-and-a-half stars, but the technology won’t allow such niceties.

The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding : worldbuilding

Kobold Courier Want to keep up with the latest kobold worldbjilding But I suppose if your background is next to none, they may be useful as a long-winded introduction that takes up the first third of the book.


It has the kind of advice you’d give to a film director preparing to make his first period film, not the kind of thing you’d give either to a novice GM writing his or her first world or to an experienced GM looking for ways to work more efficiently.

I also felt like these were some of the essays most translatable to worldbuilding for fiction writing and just generally the most useful worldbuilding essays in the book on actually making your world interesting and fun. This was one of the better essays in the book. Stephen rated it really liked it Dec 31, This subreddit is about sharing your worlds worldbuilxing discussing the many aspects of creating new universes.

This kind of advice can help anyone. May 30, Dave McGraw rated it it was amazing. More concrete exercises would’ve been much more helpful to new and seasoned worldbuilders but at most, it gives you a few vague things to think about. This collection of essays on the topic of worldbuilding was good, and even though it mostly focused on worldbuilding for RPGs, a majority of the tips and tricks can be utilized when creating for novels as well.

I have to mention that the chapter on working with licensed properties seemed a bit out of place, seeing as how it dealt solely with the professional aspects of doing so, and is thus useless to anyone looking to use an existing setting as a gamemaster rather than as a game designer. The second essay applies only to people who want to be professional authors, which isn’t going to resonate with most people.

Overall – uneven, but ultimately worth the read, as there are some real gems to be had. Want to add to the discussion? Eric McClure rated it really liked it Mar 10, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To view it, click here.