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View and Download Kodak EASYSHARE ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EASYSHARE ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. EasyShare zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Table of contents11 Setting up your camera At the prompt, press OK. Setting up your cameraStoring pictures on an SD cardYour camera has internal memory.

Kodak EASYSHARE ZD710 User Manual

You can purchase SD cards to store more picturesand videos. We recommend Kodak SD cards. A card can only be inserted one way; forcing it may causedamage. Inserting or removing a card while it is being accessedby the camera may damage pictures, card, or camera. The picture is saved unless you press the Delete button.

The camera attempts to focus on foreground subjects, even if the subjects arenot centered in the scene. When the framing marks turn green, focus isaccomplished. Eaxyshare stop recording, press and releasethe Shutter button again. The video is saved unless koda press theDelete button. You can use optical zoombefore taking a video, but not while recording.

Press Wide Angle W to zoom out. The zoom indicator oodak zoom status. To get a focused picture every time, remember: To open the flash anytime, use the Open Flash switch. To exit,either press thebutton until the icon turns off or turn off the camera. A person swinging agolf club.

LastBurstCamera takes up to 30 pictures while the Shutter Capture an event whenbutton is pressed. When the Shutter button isthe precise timing isreleased, only the last 2 pictures are saved. Press again to exit. Protecting pictures and videos from zd7110 Review. Highlight Protect, then press OK. PictureCropped pictureto find a2 Press the Menu button, thento highlight theEdit tab.

Highlight Crop, then press the OK button. Press the OK4 Follow the screen prompts. The picture is cropped. The original is saved.


Only one sound tag can be added to each picture not zs710 videos. The sound tag is applied to your picture.

Kodak Digital Camera ZD User Guide |

Making a picture from a videoYou can choose a single frame from a video, then make a picture suitable for a4 x 6-inch 10 x 15 cm print. Highlight Make Picture, then press the OKbutton. A picture is created.

The original video is saved. Highlight Action Print, then press the OKbutton. Auto—The camera includes the first and last frames, then 2, 7, or 14 equally spacedframes. Setting bookmarks1 Press the Review button, thento find usrr video. Highlight Bookmark, then press the OKbutton. When easyshhare addingup to 9 bookmarks, press. Using bookmarks1 Press the Review button, thento find a video.

Kodak ZD710 Digital Camera User Manual

To interrupt the Slide Show, press OK. Changing the slide show display intervalThe default interval setting displays each picture for 5 seconds.

You can set the displayinterval from 3 to 60 seconds. The slide show stops if youconnect or disconnect the cable while the slide show is running. To return to the list, press the W button. Before you copy, make sure that a card is inserted in the camera. Copy pictures or videos: Capture modeForGeneral picture taking—offers an excellent balance of image qualitySmart Scene and ease of use.

When the Shutter button is pressed halfway, facesare detected, the scene is analyzed, and the best settings are applied. To return to Smart Scene mode, turn the mode dial to Smart Scene. Subject is sharp and the background isindistinct. Assures proper focus and minimizes red eye. Action pictures of children in bright light.

Subjects illuminated by candle light. Using the Menu buttonYou can change settings to get the best results from your camera. For recommended print sizes,visitwww. Choose your lighting condition.

Ideal for general picture taking. Available only in PASM mode. Daylight—for pictures in natural lighting. Tungsten—corrects the orange cast of household lightbulbs. Ideal for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogenlighting without flash.

Fluorescent—corrects the green cast of fluorescentlighting. Available only in Video mode. AF Control Video Choose an auto-focus setting. Use if you or your subject are moving. Single AF—the camera focuses once at the start of a video. Use if you and your subject are not moving. Set AlbumChoose Album names. You can apply different Set Album choicesto videos and to pictures. Capture Frame GridTurn framing grid on or off.


Advanced Digital ZoomChoose how digital zoom is employed. OptionsOnOff default Pre-select album names before you take pictures orvideos. Then, all the pictures or videos you take aretagged with those album names. Auto Power Off10 minutesChoose amount of inactivity time until 5 minutescamera turns off.

LanguageChoose from available languages. Make the overlay from the first picture cover thesame portion in the new picture. Doing more with your cameraP, A, S, and M modesUse these modes when you want more control over your camera and pictures. The camera automatically sets the shutter speed andaperture f-stop based on the scene lighting. Program mode offers theease of auto shooting with full access to all menu options.

Use the Menu button to control all other settings. When they are transferred to yourcomputer, you can share them. Tagging pictures for printing1 Press the Share button. Pressto find a picture. Zero removes the tag for that4 Optional: You can apply a print quantity to other pictures. For details, seeHelp in EasyShare software. Doing more with your cameraTagging pictures as favoritesWant to keep copies of your favorite pictures on your camera?

Start with the Share button! Tag pictures 1 Press the Share button.

Pressas favorites2 Pressto highlight Favorite, then press OK. The Favorite iconappears in the status area. To remove the tag, pressOK again. Viewfavorites on2 Pressto view favorites.

Doing more with your cameraOptional settingsIn Favorites mode, press the Menu button to access optional settings. Pictures taken at the 3: Printing and emailing favorites1 Slide the Power switch to Favorites. To add other pictures to the same album, pressto scroll through thepictures.