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Kohomba Yak Kankariya. Most of the Sinhala ritual dances have their legends called Uthpaththi Katha The Story behind the Kohomba Yak. Historypose of the Kandayn danceAccording to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which is also known . Kohomba Kankariya was first enacted in Sri Lanka during and , at Jayawardenapura, Kotte. The ritual of God Kohomba, which ought to have been.

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Then “God Sakra” appeared before the King and told him that it was a mere trick performed to get him down to Lanka to cure the Divi Dosha of King Panduwasdeva. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It was the decision of God Sakra-the King of gods-that he could not be cured except by a person who was born out of a flower-known as the king of a flower. The ritual was henceforth known after the name of this Prince Kohomba, who assumed the form of a deity.

This scenario forms the base kihomba all surrounding sequences are acted in various manner using diverse symbols, accompanied by rhythmic drumming and miming. Please help improve this article if you can. But the person who takes the alms after its preparation is stung by a snake.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rahu who is mischievous uses trickery to get the king to come to Lanka. Legend says that if a female wears the headgear she will have a lot of bad luck or be ill. According to legend, the origin of this ritual dates back even to King Panduvasudeva’s era in which it kanmariya born.


Dances of Sri Lanka. The dance waned in popularity as the support for the dancers from the Kandyan kings ended during the British period.

Fighting with the Drums | Kohomba Kankariya | කොහොඹා කංකාරිය… | Flickr

The dancer sings as he plays, tightening the strings to obtain variations of pitch. The dancers wear an elaborate costume including a headdress.

In this kavikara maduwa a decorated dance arena there were song and poetry contests. Legend goes on to say that Kuveni comes to Vijaya in the form of a Leopard and tries to kill him. Leave this field empty. But Daities intervened and prevented it.

His successor King Panduwasdeva however is afflicted by the curse and dreams of Kuveni in the form of a Leopard, whereupon he becomes seriously ill.

No cleanup reason has been specified. The whole combination of the head dress is called the ‘Ves Tattuwa’. Uddekki dance Uddekki is a very prestigious dance. Produced by Upali Group of Companies. Traditionally a dancer would have to learn to perform all of these vannam before oankariya would be gifted the ves costume.

Kohomba Kankariya – an awesome Kandyan Dance Ritual with deep roots in Lankan Legend

Most vannam describe the behaviour of animals such as elephants, monkeys, rabbits, peacock, cocks, serpents etc. Both God Shiva and Rahuthe Lord of the Asurascame forward, claiming that they could get down prince of flower to Lanka. The eighteen classical vannam are gajaga elephantthuranga horsemayura peacockgahaka conch shelluranga crawling animalsmussaladi hareukkussa eaglevyrodi precious stonehanuma monkeysavula roostersinharaja lion kingnaaga cobrakirala red-wattled lapwingeeradi arrowSurapathi in praise of the goddess SurapathiGanapathi in praise of the god Ganapathiuduhara expressing the pomp and majesty of the kingand assadhrusa extolling the merit of Buddha.


The ritual consists of more than 30 discrete dance forms including drumming, chanting, group dancing, dialog and drama, sometimes mixed with comedy. At the same time, a Banana flower is shot with an arrow, as a preventive measure to stop the evil eye being cast on the organiser of the Kankariya.

But, of late, many school children have been donned ‘Ves’ after their period of tutelage under a Guru at the School. Kohomba Kankariya one of the most venerated and elaborate traditional dance rituals in Sri Lanka.

Views Read Edit View kphomba. The King of the flower then took the form of a Brahamin and relieved the affliction of King Panduvasudeva.

All this work precedes the final performance itself. The vannama dance tradition has seven components. The King would be drawn to go in search of the Boar.

Kohomba kankariya

The place where the Boar swan across and landed in Sri Lanka is named “Uratota”, as the folklore suggests. Traditionally villagers offer various supplies during the preparation of the ritual such as flowers, fruits, camphor, lamps, cloth for the canopy, banana tree trunks etc.

There are 18 vannam in the Kandyan dance form.