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This KONDIA Powermill FV-1 CNC Milling Machine from has a production record of only hours. Operated through a Fagor Control unit, the. New Kondia FV-1 Vertical Turret, Ram Type, Bridgeport Milling Machine. CLAUSING KONDIA FV-1 Vertical Mills for sale by Action Machinery Co., Inc. – Used – Excellent – Pennsylvania, United States – #

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Media Main electronic connection: Get the latest industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox. A basic packaging for transport is provided if the machine does not fit in a closed truck. Detail Modalpricerenting Tab1 Content. Best known and most widely distributed f-1 the eighteen or so other copies of the American machine made in Spain during those decades, the Kondia was well-made and offered in various forms together with a decent range of accessories and options.

CLAUSING/Kondia Manual Milling Machine FV1

Mounted on the left-hand face of the column was a one-shot hand-operated oil pump that delivered lubricant to all the slides as well as the longitudinal, traverse and vertical feed screws.

To increase the miller’s vertical capacity three head raiser blocks were listed: Kondia FV-I-T multi-head This hydraulic copying machine was able to work in linear or contour modes, in two or three dimensions and with automatic and semi-automatic control.

The first examples manufactured were of inferior quality and suffered from a poor cosmetic finish and with some parts so kpndia machined as to require post-production hand fitting in the factory – and hence non-interchangeable with standard spare parts.

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Third, you can go for the Months Financing Option. As extra-cost options two other motors were available: It was intended for the manufacture of die moulds and die stampings. Technical Information General Data Measurements width: Kondia are a Spanish Company still in existence with its web site a paradigm of corporate uselessness who offered, from the s until the s, a range of conventional milling machines including the popular FV-1, a clone of the Bridgeport Series 1.

Main drive Number of spindles: If you have further questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact us. AC Motor Infinitely variable speed drive or 8 speed step-pulley drive Overload safety device integrated with motor Articulating head arrangement for machining compound angles Worm gear angular positioning of head in two directions Lever-operated manual rapid quill movement Handwheel for fine quill feed Chrome-plated precision ground quill and quill lock Adjustable automatic feed disengagement for quill feed in both directions Micrometer depth stop Reversible switch for clockwise or counterclockwise operation R-8 or ISA 30 extra heavy duty spindle ABEC class 7 spindle bearings Spindle brake Constructed of Meehanite Casting for superior rigidity and wear resistance Precision ground leadscrews One-shot lubrication.

The Clausing Kondia Milling Machine will give you the productivity your shop needs year after year. Sold control unit brand: Company Name Clausing Industrial, Inc. Standard Kondia FV-1 Ram-head milling machine. At extra cost a fully automatic system was available – a fitting that may have been standard for certain markets. The FV1 is equipped with a powerful 3 Hp. By continuing to use our website without changing your cookie settings, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Policy.

CLAUSING/Kondia Manual Milling Machine FV1

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Second, we offer you a Deferred Payment Option 60 to days. Fitted with a x mm 42″ x 9″ table as standard three other tables were available: All ways on both saddle and table are hardened and ground, far superior to chrome-plated soft iron. Click here if you want to know more. Operated through a Fagor Control unit, the equipment stands out for its perfect condition: Longitudinal travel was mm 30″ ; traverse mm 15″ and vertically mm A swivel and tilt articulating head arrangement allows the head to be tilted front-to-back and side-to-side, providing the capability to machine at compound angles.

Two heads were fg-1, the standard being 2 h.

KONDIA Powermill FV-1 CNC Milling Machine

To protect against overloading, the box was fitted with an automatic disconnect mechanism. However, with teething troubles out of the way, the miller settled down to become a good-quality machine that was to enjoy a long and profitable life with many konddia running them for years without significant problems – and some even preferring them to a Bridgeport.

We are working with fair pricing standards under the average market price levels. AC motor with either an infinitely variable speed drive or an 8 speed step pulley drive. In addition to those accessories already mentioned, the makers offered an automatic longitudinal feed box, a universal dividing head, a rotary milling table, mechanical and hydraulic vices, a self-powered slotting attachment, optical readers this was in the days before DRO systems became available and collet holders and collet sets to fit the various spindle noses.