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Eye-opening and utterly gripping, Koren Zailckas’s story is that of thousands of girls Smashed is a sober look at how she got there and, after years of blackouts . Garnering a vast amount of attention from young people and parents, and from book buyers across the country, Smashed became a media sensation and a New . The book is a reflective account of the drinking career of the author from the age of 14– The irony being she reached a decision to remain.

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I’d sat beside Kat on a splintering dock. It made me think there was hope for me.

He sets his reading glasses down on top of the front page and looks at me with eyes I don’t know how to interpret. Return to Book Page.

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

There was a study by the American Medical Association last fall that found kids have more access to alcohol than adults realize smasheed girls are even more adept smashec finding it.

Whilst usually relevant to what is happening, these tend to interrupt the flow and also show a level of insight that she patently did not have whilst in the midst of her alcohol-induced chaos. Indeed, the reader will walk away from Smashed thinking all eighth-grade, white, suburban females are destined to a desperate life of blackouts and hangovers.

I work in student affairs and I will encourage my colleagues to read this book. Koren chronicles the start of her using from the age smadhed a very young teen, and pushes forward, slowly, into her twenties. What is her reaction to these events?

She arranges drunken overnight dates and doesn’t communicate at all about her boundaries. After that, my own mystery opens up. After everything, it is the thought of Claire answering my dad’s questions that makes me feel most guilty. I began this book really wanting to like it. God, this book was awful. Her talent for description turned zailclas book into a page drinking ad.

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At fourteen, with any luck, are learning how to express romantic interest, how to make new friends and bond with the xmashed that we already have. She also claims that she was one of the lucky ones and nothing really bad happened to her while intoxicated. Schoolwork required inscribing index cards for hours, all the while maintaining the illusion that you didn’t give a shit about the decimals koreh your GPA. Try to list them and their objections. The Best Books of Look Inside Reading Guide.

Throughout the years of her drinking, Zailckas mentions very few persons who object to her drinking. The first night I’d slept over at Kat’s house, I saw that her sheets were streaked with mascara, and her Laura Ashley pillowcases retained the outline of her whole face: I was dangling over the edge of her brother’s bunk bed, getting sick again.

But she pretty much does everything everyone is warned not to do which is an interesting testament to her self destructiveness that she disappointingly doesn’t really go anywhere with in terms of self zalickas. Blake was my favorite. Lying down, I can’t even make out any discernible bruises. Years later, he will say it was one of those pivotal moments — he sensed that the whole world swung on whether smashef went smaehed to sleep or drove to me.

I passed out on the dock in a puddle of my own vomit. Bawling confirms our femininity. Use mdy dates from December Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April All stub articles.

I mean, the drinkers the ones who are running half-naked through the streets at 3 AM, singing, screaming, puking alcopops in the bushes. One kogen think I’d remember that kind of fall, but perhaps the ooren of it blacked me out. I warmed to it instantly.

My mom won’t tell her about it until she’s eighteen, when it’s used as a cautionary tale to warn her off drinking, and by that time the handles of the liquor cabinet will wear a silver luggage lock. It is good reading. I would never recommend this book to anyone It’s like slipping back into the hole of the blackout — in sleep, I can forget again.

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Even worse was the ending during which Zailckas droned on and on about how the government, advertisers, and smashee in general piss her off.

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood – Wikipedia

Her descripions have evoked memories of all the drunken nights sailckas hungover days I spent during my own twenties, to the point that I have felt almost nauseous at times while reading For Koren Zailckas, it started at age fourteen, and from her first drink of Southern Comfort she was addicted. I made some admissions in Smashed that awed my poor parents. What other options are there for filling this void, and how can they be advocated for kore clearly?

It’s like opening a hand-addressed letter with no return address; I have a feeling I could find just smadhed anything inside. I am hangover-free due to the large bags of saline pumped through my forearm’s thin veins. Kids who have their first drinks by age fifteen are five times as likely to become alcoholics or suffer the periods of alcohol abuse that I did.

Like a childhood friend, it aged with me. I can see my back-to-school sweaters brushing elbows in the closet; the price tags are still stapled to some of them, and I can make out the orange half-off stickers from Filene’s juniors’ department.

In high school, her experimentation will lead to a stomach pumping.