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Márcio Agnelo., Gerente de Produto (Product Manager) at Mz Consult. Follow. Published on Sep 14, 0 Comments; 3 Likes; Statistics; Notes. Full Name. Download KORG AX30G USERMANUAL HUN service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Korg M1 Schematics Mac Os X -? measurements in the user manual. Korg DS- DAC Korg Wavestation / Korg Collection / Korg M3.

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Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. Korg AX30G hlp please??

Anyone got one of these still? I have one from WAY back when I was like Some of the effects on there were WAY above their class at the time, OK the distortions leave a LOT to be desired, but I’m thinking of busting it out again for some of it’s modulation, ambience, pitch based and the mamual stuff.

SOLVED: How do you reset factory sounds korg ax30g – Fixya

The lads in my main band moaned wx30g moaned and moaned about how much gear I was using, so I went from a 1m x 0. I was thinking I could add an expression pedal to the Korg, and set up some Whammy stuff, some Delays, Phasers, Synthy stuff etc, and have it in a TB loop.


Giving me back some of my mad effects that I miss so much. Can anyone tell me what the craic is mabual powering an AX30G? The manual simply states that it needs DC, but no milliampage.

Pain-MD You forgot the Powerstack I had this pedal briefly. On the contrary I liked the distortions, and I thought all the sounds were pretty good especially for a cheaper plastic floor multieffect.

Not sure about the power supply. I think the skimping was done with the plastic casing etc, and not the quality of the effects, as they are pretty damn good. I wanna see how well it takes a Bad Monkey first, but I think I’m gonna just leave the distortions turned off.

Also it’s only got 16 user memories, but each patch has an individual mode, so you can set it up to turn off certain effects, or indeed bring them into the chain if you program them in but leave them off in it’s main mode.

I think the Whammy style bending effect is gonna be fine for me too as it’s kinda glitchy from what I remember No it doesn’t mention anywhere what current it draws. No I remember it being quite axx30g small adaptor. I dunno where it went to be honest. It broke a few times and I had it fixed, but I think I just binned it and used one of those multiple voltage things for a bit.


Then that broke, and I stopped using ANY kinda pedals at all, and then it stayed under my bed for the last I’m kinda chuffed that I might have use for it again. I always liked it so Try manal the power supply around when you plug it in. Everything on mine is mounted onto the PC board so maybe a solder joint went bad on your power jack? I know my headphone jack went bad for that reason. I replaced it with a new one that I soldered to the board using cable and it’s been fine.

Maybe you need to do that with your power jack?

How do you reset factory sounds korg ax30g

It’s not working and you haven’t used it for a decade, so I’d say you have nothing to lose if you’re industrious and want to get some soldering experience. Nah it’s manhal a problem with the AC input, it’s litterally just the mA requirements. I need to just pick up a DC 9V supply rated higher than mA.

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