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I have nothing to do with you. Honesty, patriotism and courage of col. Syed Chowdhury Thanks a lot for your correction. They informed Bangabadhu of the ideologies and roles of the Sector Commanders entrusted with different areas of the Mukti Bahini.

Know your friends and foes

More from this author Where to from here, dear friends? Colonel Salauddin would have a bright military career in independent Bangladesh! An appraisal of declassified telegrams accessed from the US National Archives reveals crucial information in pin-pointing when the disgruntled Majors began to conspire against the Bangabandhu government.

I am pasting the link for further circulation: The leadership was simply insane. I believe that at this moment if we can work together to build a poverty free Bangladesh that would be the right path to fulfill the dream of Bangabandhu, our freedom fighters and col. Another phone call came in. At 12 am he approached his former Lancer colleague Major Nasir for support only to be declined right away.

Sashanka Banerjee confirms that Zia and Farooq went back a long way. Modabber into the police forces Uddin, Contradictions in independent Bangladesh — In the weeks that followed, Mushtaq was granted a new life line after being incorporated into the new Bangabandhu cabinet. Even a layman would be able to note such a contradiction. Now listen to me carefully.


The military officer who stood beside the Pakistani soldiers in eliminating freedom fighters is today holding a position of high rank. Unfortunately when it came to identifying ones true friends and rebuilding Bangladesh on the lines of a uniform policy adherent to the spirit ofthe Bangabandhu government faltered. On his arrival at the headquarters of the Bangladesh Army, Shafayet met Lt.

Thus, the ideological unity of the democratic and progressive forces within and beyond the Awami League was compromised due to a misplacement of faith. This relationship very well may not be of any factor in Mr.

Khaled was on the phone with the Rakkhi Bahini chief of Savar. He demanded an explanation as to why I did not salute Colonel Salauddin.

Kracher Kornel

What Bangladesh needs is unity among those who believe in the founding values of our country…we have to reach out to each other breaching political and religious boundaries. My association with Taher signifies nothing because you so aptly stated: This brings us to ask the following questions: General Assembly krachrr New York and was subsequently removed from the post of Foreign Minister immediately following independence and assigned a minor portfolio op.

This article has tried to show that in the years that immediately followed independence, the unity that successfully led to the emergence of Bangladesh did not stay in tact. I then thought I should postpone my tour till the return of the Prime Minister. Jahanara, the Assistant Editor of Banglar Bani.


Know your friends and foes | The Opinion Pages

I referred to facts throughout. It is worth noting that Fidel Castro had advised Bangabandhu against appointing bureaucrats from the Pakistani administration into his own. My inner soul wanted to revolt.

They said an army of 20 divisions would be raised in due course. During those conversations Ziauddin would speak colinel things his brigade officers had never heard before. Although those who know about Taher they must salute him for his courage, innocence, patriotism and dedication. Looking at the things from various angles and sharing them is the beauty and in fact that can stimulate further critical thinking and analysis.

Whatever adequately trained solders or officers we had were concentrated in regular force units. Let the readers know the fact fact and judge. I was present as well. It goes without saying that such decisions were severely antagonistic to the spirit of The freedom fighters were carrying out acts of heroism inside the country, but there was no one to inspire them.