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During this relative dry spell for 8th edition 40k, we asked ourselves how would you like to see a Kroot and Vespid Codex come out?. Today we discuss the the carnivorous mercenaries from Pech, and every Fire Warrior’s best friend – Kroot Carnivores. Responsible for negotiating the contracts that their kroot brethren fulfill, Kroot Shapers help coordinate strategies with their employers as well.

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I just read through the thread and loved watching the development of his giant beaky face. They will be far less susceptible to Morale losses this way, but any sort of dedicated firepower will be able to take them out relatively easily.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

Oaka I decided to learn some kriot casting. Kroot don’t use tanks or much in the way of tech aside from long rifle-like guns with blades on both endsinstead using native animals derived from the Kroot genus. Sarigar – click to view full reply. Xenos needs access to more allies for themselves.

Once assembled together, I worked on the pose to make it look like he’s swooping down to engage an infantry-sized enemy. Add thigh quills that are present on Kroot models planning on five quills per thigh with toothpick tips 4.

They look more “spiney” than the usual kroot beast. On the table, the standard setup of the two units Wyches and Khymerae looks very much korot a Kroot war party.

I think it’s coming together well in terms of the size of the character and the size of the tree, one doesn’t really outshine the other. They have average to below-average stats with little or no special rules to not only make up for that fact, but to let them stand out at all. Perhaps the best part about it was that these two models took all of the opposing shots, allowing three Talos’ to make it across the board unscathed behind a unit of beasts. I like Kroot and wouldn’t object to getting more models and rules in Codex Tau where they belong.


Oaka I finished a second dark reaper, adding some more Krooty bits to it krot the first one.

40K RUMORS: Kroot Mercenaries Will Return – Bell of Lost Souls

They didn’t give us our Doctrina Imperatives ability either; we now have it as a stupid Stratagem that doesn’t have the varied levels it did before and requires you to take a shoddy item Enhanced Data-Tethers to get the full benefit.

I’ve gone ahead and magnetized the model, both so that I can work on the individual pieces without difficulty and to reduce eventual transportation headaches. How can you forgot the doggos? Thankfully the salt of the 1 Commander limit keeps me from buying either of them or R’alai who I had an eye on for a while. Chaos has four at the moment, and Tyrannids have 2ish. Tau, Necrons, and Orcs getting boosted to three each would give them more flexibility, and flesh out their factions.

But there next ones might be good. Hey everybody, remember Kroot Mercenaries? Ideally, Kroot shouldn’t be cheap chaff, but rather heavy hitting but fragile units. I imagine that will be the same.


As far as I am aware, there are no current rules for them but they are expected, as per the Forgeworld FAQ: Colonel Dakura – click to view full reply. Have they even had rules for a few editions? Two Spartan Cool man!

Oaka Finished the crew, they will be in the howdah once that is done. The Kroot are a vassal species to the Tau Empire.


Do the Great Knarlocs feature in that army? What did they gain? Warhammer 40, is a game produced by Games Workshop.

The obvious is to kill them and kill them easily. This also adds to players wanting to spam specific units as it increases the chance that the opponent will not be able to counter those units and they will be less likely to be taken off guard.

I also added a couple magnets so that the character can be removed from the mount itself and the tree for ease in painting and transportation. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Not every faction needs their own book, merely a section of a larger book. Oaka I have finished painting my Heroe’s Path Harlequin formation. I wouldn’t really see the need for a whole new codex, but instead they could just throw in some new kroot units with a chapter approved or white dwarf.

I’m trying to convey a Kriot feel but have it come across codwx an obviously enhanced Krootox.