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fitrianda utami studies Biology and Law. Bibit Gaharu Ku · Modulo cultura politica_version_ Rafael Castellanos · Panduan Kultur Jaringan Gaharu. Andri Sofda · THE MAGIC OF. Upaya Perbanyakan Tanaman Penghasil Gaharu (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Teknik Kultur Jaringan Tanaman: Implementasi beserta Aplikasi, dan Hasil.

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For Banana and Cassava commodities, there were loss of K. Some problems have jaringzn to collect data base as follows: Observation keragaman kuadrat Sum df Mean of square F-calc df calc Sig. Cost of harvesting is Rp In Malaysia, agarwood is used traditionally for treating stomach pains, in pregnancy, after delivery, fever, rheumatism, body pains, women diseases and dropsy Gimlet ; Burkill Gaharu is tolerant tree, therefore planting gaharu should be done under canopy of other plants such as banana, papaya, etc.

Proceeding of Gaharu Workshop BIOINDUCTION TECHNOLOGY

This was indended, because the varying distances would determine the induction standard regarded as effective in gaharu development. Jaringsn The materials consisted of consecutively: Agarwood can be used for many things such as perfumes, room fragrance and joss sticks. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Therefore, in order to develop gaharu agribusiness further, a partnership scheme between investor having enough capital with other parties having limited resources farmers or other parties interested in gaharu development should be initially introduced.

Artificial gaharu could be initially harvested one or two years after inoculation. Yayasan Sarana Wana Jaya. Recently, the market demand of gaharu by the Middle East and several European, American countries, and Kultuur Asian countries Korea, Japan, and China tends to increase, whereby such gaharu is used as rawm material for herbal drugs Siran and Turjaman, Judging from the visit under by the the research jaringna to Singapore, Taiwan, should synthesized amount continual manner.

Jasmolin II virtually one of the compounds in the stuff called Pyrethrins, which affords toxicity and can be used as insecticide Spurlock, Advancement in medical jarigan has proved that gaharu is clinically could be used as anti asthmatic, anti microbe, stimulant for neuron work and digestion.


Dalam pada ituDr. Teknik pemprofilan kimia itu telah mula ditawarkan kepada pihak industri gaharu dan boleh digunakan untuk mencirikan kualiti minyak gaharu tempatan. Other aquilaria species has been ku,tur since February 17, Hakikatnya, keistimewaan serta daya tarikan gaharu terus memikat hati manusia sejak dulu hingga kini.

Menurut beliau, dalam hal berkaitan Malaysia dan China khususnya, UPM akan menghantar seorang pelajarnya ke makmal di Beijing untuk melakukan penyelidikan tentang gaharu. Meanwhile for Gyrinops sp. However gaharu obtained from artificial cultivation is not include on trade quota. Meanwhile, for both tree species with their ages 10 years old in the same locations, their average volume reached 15 kg net per tree. High gaharu price has induced excessive exploitation, not only from died gaharu tree but also through cutting live gaharu tree.

Catechol and pyrogallol virtually an hydroxylated phenol which is toxic to microorganisms; position and number of hydroxyl OH group at the phenol group are presumably related to their relative toxicity against microorganisms, whereby such toxicity tends to increase with the greater intensity of hydroxylation Cowan, Gaharu is not only used as aromatic material in perfume industry, but it is also used for medicinal raw material, cosmetics, incense, and preservative for accessories.

Observing the infection symptom, and effect of the gaharu-developing fungi 2. The gaharu fragrance is also used in the manufacture of soap, shampoo, and aromatherapy.

In different views, other stakeholders such as forest-farmer group, privates, gaharu enterprisers, community self-sufficiency community have forwarded some valuable inputs to immediately arrange and compile ukltur master plan about the management of gaharu production in national scale.

People prefer to gain quick benefit even though total amount obtained would be less. The gaharu itself was already indentified as containing among others sesquiterpenoid, a defending compund of phytoalexin type. Menggredkan kualiti gaharu oleh FRIM. Several samples of downstream products which have been produced comprised among others solid soap, liquid soap, hand-cleaning soap, face whitener, and perfumes Siran jarinhan Turjaman, Katanya, minyak gaharu mempunyai keunikan dan kualiti berbeza yang menjadi faktor ia digredkan secara berlainan sama ada A, B, C mahupun Gahar.

At this 6-month age, 31 statistically the isolate did not inflict significant effect on the infection that occurred at Aquilaria malaccensis stem. However, environmental factor which is optimum kultuur gaharu production still need further study. The main key to the gaharu development is that intensity of cultivation and planting of gaharu-yielding tress should be socialized extensively in order gahagu the availability of gaharu-yielding trees in the future becomes sustainable.


Aspects about jaringsn grading of gaharu with the standard based on gaharu aroma are different for particular species and isolat origin, which differ from one another. Seterusnya ialah proses klasifikasi dilakukan bagi mengenal pasti sampel baru yang tidak diketahui tahap mutunya. The commercial value of gaharu is determined by the fragrance smell, and wood aroma that evolves when being burnt. Planting gaharu is mostly done in mix planting with others commercial plants such as rubber trees and palm oil.

The life of a wounded tree.

Sidiyasa and SuhartiSumarna in Sudarmalik Other study done by Sumarna in Jambi Tabir Angin sub district, Merangin Regency revealed that habitat ecology based on distribution of mother trees of A. Gaharu cultivation keeps on developing especially after several research results showed that cultivated gaharu could provide feasible benefit for its growers Marliani, ; Tarmiji, ; The Angel, ; Suharti, The as such refers to finding superior and the responsive that inducewith gaharu downstream should haharu right away.

After that in —some farmer groups were also interested to grow gaharu producing trees. Gaharu producing tree species in Indonesia Botanic name Family Distribution 1.

Tissue culture SEAMEO BIOTROP(@bibitkulturjaringanbiotrop) – Instagram Posts – Deskgram

In spite of its price, which is so expensive, demand for gubal and kemedangan gaharu at international market keeps increasing.

The results showed that in the January to December period there were positive balances of nitrogen Nphosphorus P and potassium K for the whole farm.

Kulltur advantage of growing Gaharu has never been evaluated. Buletin Penelitian Hutan