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Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran sabiduría y sentido del . Title: LA BROMA INFINITA. Publisher: LITERATURA RANDOM HOUSE. Binding: Encuadernación de tapa blanda. Book Condition: Nuevo. About this title. Infinite Jest is a novel by American writer David Foster Wallace. The novel is widely noted .. La broma infinita (in Spanish). Éditions de l’Olivier.

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Can someone please explain this to savid because I am confused. I was an avid substance abuser back then. If they applaud exactly when a song ends it means they are waiting for the song to be over in the case of our orchestra because listening to them was painful, but that infinjta long story about some intense mistakes in the organization of the orchestra rehearsals, and of course the retarded lack of talent of most high school string players.

Again, davkd is how I’m interpreting the writing, but I don’t actually want to be thinking about the author at all. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not to mention the footnotes, which you have to go back and look up later. There was so much I loved about it though!

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Dave Eggers’ preface for the edition I read says it well, so let’s conclude with a snippet of that: There are some very funny passages so far. Not all critics were as laudatory. There are four major interwoven narratives: Y sus tres hijos: Its size and complexity make it forbidding and esoteric. I like tennis as much as the next guy, but enough already.


On the other, Foster Wallace has a magnificent turn of phrase, relentless eye for detail, and masterful ability to bring events to darkly farcical crescendos without wallace hint of catharsis. I mean less space.

Incandenza, casts his eerie post-mortem shadow over the whole book. I remember reading somewhere that towards the end of his life Wallace became dissatisfied with Infinite Jest, finding it basically cruel and over-clever walace self-absorbed.

La broma infinita

But reading it requires a very tough discipline and some other skills. So I did what I imagined any intelligent person would do—I started stalking their reviews. Want to learn more about this item? It’s a good book that has knfinita moments. I did not come round to the footnotes, perhaps because their text was small enough to strain the eyes. I only read one short review fsoter this book before Wal,ace read the book or wrote this article. A bizarre book which I can best describe as leaving me feeling the way I did after I watched Fellini’s film 8 – as if I just could get a little more information, I would finally know what was going on.

I actually do buy the first half of that.

DFW also likes to fosger off a bit, but surprisingly it really was quite accessible once I got going. All Auction Buy it now.

I feel like Infinite Jest is one of those books that will grow on me with time and that I’d enjoy more the second time around. View all 3 comments. I give DFW the benefit of the doubt on the interminable, repetitious accounts of various facets of addiction and withdrawal — it’s obviously done deliberately as part of the message he is ttying to get across.

Infinite Jest – Wikipedia

Well I googled till I found David Foster Wallace talking about the endnotes and he says that the point is that reality is fractured and they are suppose to mess with dqvid flow of the novel. All that irony gets in the way of what I’m trying to do.


If you play a song well the audience should get lost in the music and it should take them a second or two to come out of that to applaud for fostee at the end of a song. An impossible endeavor, but it must be witnessed.

On the other hand, dfw. Maybe the final pages will convince me that this part of the book is more than superfluous verbiage, but I doubt it. So am I made to believe that there are actually people who read this book and somehow hated Michael Pemulis?

Despite this, the reader is left with awareness of significant gaps in events. I have talked more about how much I hate reading this book than just about any other book I’ve ever read. Only one miner’s son ever disgracefully failed to jump—Bernard Wayne, who may be related to E.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

He was interviewed in national magazines and went on a city book tour. I began to not anticipate an ending, but rather to dread it.

View all 49 comments. He didn’t cull back to the essentials, instead leaving so much sprawl that the wwllace poignancy gets undermined.