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Este compendio de cuentos y relatos lo deja muy claro: The prose is pretty purple, but surprisingly accessible. As always, the chief attraction is his gorgeous, almost Biblical prose. Tolkien was a curse for fantasy literature.

Babbulkund is a tale of another ancient city, one carven from one of the “hills of God” by the pharaohs in the desert. Welleeran shall see them again, or who wot of them?

Para ser honesto, gostei mais deste conto do que qualquer um dos que se encontram no Livro do Deslumbramento. The 12 stories here are some of his best. In a more modern form it has the same ethereal and insubstantial and romantic reality and solidity of Babbulkund or Merimna. It concerns the invasion of the people of idyllic Merimna, who have no desire or knowledge of battle, t Perhaps what I love most about Lord Dunsany’s fiction is his sublime imagination and his deliberately archaic and Biblical prose, concise but with great evocative power.

A splendid collection including some of Dunsany’s finer stories the titular Sword of Welleran, and The Fortress Unvanquishable Save by Sacnoth, amongst others plus prose poems reminiscent of his earlier work in Time and the Gods and The Gods of Peganaand the occasional early 20th Century ghost story.

Dunsany’s tales feel more like those tales. The main character is a “Wild Thing” a fairy, of course who lives in the marshes of the country. Naturally, he relies on Euclidian geometry to restore him to his rational senses. Soms wel erg parabelachtig. Leothric must stay away for three days and three night consecutively poking the beast in the eye to keep it from devouring men.


What a brilliant idea. A collection of really excellent fantasy stories from Lord Dunsany This collection contains some really excellent short fantasy stories from the Appendix N author, Lord Dunsany. A little harder to read than “Fifty-One Tales” but still very readable.

Feb 09, Pop Bop rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tolkein was apparently influenced by Dunsany. It begins with an argument with his brother who is painted as a complete ignoramousthen he consumes lots of coffee and whiskey, and waits to ‘see’ the ghosts he doesn’t himself believe in come about as a result of his own debauchery.

Still, the “The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth” sparked images in my mind which made me want to illustrate the story. I enjoyed most of the stories. There is some really excellent stuff in this collection; I enjoyed it immensely.

A delight for lovers of fantasy, the volume will enchant readers of folk tales and science fiction as well.

Open Preview See a Problem? But if not strange, what can I expect from Lord Dunsany? Delleran could envision the city of Merimna and all of its monuments being described somewhat like a fantastic Greek or Roman city perfectly as Dunsany must have dreamed them and not a word is wasted.

It took Tolkienwords to tell his story.

I had expected nothing less. These are tales filled with hard lessons and bright truths. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The nature of the stories are very simple, but very elegantly demonstrated with utmost care and love.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

God is not pleased with her in the slightest and sentences her soul to hell, but the angels pity her for she is so beautiful and not entirely guilty, and refuse to take her directly into hell. But keep on reading: He can also be totally metal when the mood strikes him. From this point the story descends into the ridiculous, with the author considering what would happen if he framed his brother’s murder on ghosts.


Examines briefly the relationship between the catastrophic natural event and its divine master.

Five stars, no doubt. But that is not all there is to it, here there is still Dunsany’s unmistakable mythic prose and storytelling that makes it quite unlike anything else. Jul 24, Rjyan rated it really liked it.

Dunsany does a far better job of it. Wdlleran and fro and up and down they would walk through the marble streets, gazing at memorials of the things achieved by their country’s swords in the ha. Definitely worth reading to see the beginning of world-building fiction, even if the characterisation is still quite stilted.

lecturas errantes: The Sword of Welleran, de Lord Dunsany

Some use of archaic language that only lends to the charm. Some of my favorite lines: Mary Jane, the Wild Thing’s human name, misses the beauty of her marsh home and seeks to pass her soul onto another so she can return. The plots are thin, df as an exercise in style, these are wonderful. Get this b Lord Dunsany was an Irish Nobleman who was intrumental in popularizing Chess in Ireland, invented his own version of “Fantasy Chess” one side has standard pieces and the other 32 pawns which is welldran being played, and wrote fantasy books and stories which he successfully published.

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