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Car to the airport. How did I do? So you know what I had to do my one free evening in Rome, right? Then I got three more flavors. Look what reward Fanucci Leggereditore offered to those who came out in the rain! Just ask the lovely Giulia, my indefatigably tolerant publicist. Or all of the above? Can you imagine having a bad migraine and having to guide me, the American author on tour, through Florence in time ladr get to her signing while she kept taking photos? What is it with that pressure we put on ourselves?

Some things we might talk about: Notice the blue sweater and the heavy, double-layered fall skirt that I bought especially for this fall trip? Talk about the ideal lunch. And back, with random stops in beautiful churches here and there ciioccolato the way, and a detour to find a recommended chocolate shop that was, sadly, barred shut:.

And all that walking wore my sandals and me out. Very fun and welcoming Italian authors of historical fiction. All the old chocolate-making equipment everywhere, the chocolate molds on the old stone walls, the little rooms like caves with wooden tables. Lunch in a piazza with some of cioccolwto guests and organizers of the Festival.

From left to right: But this tour provided so many cioccoato to meet interesting and engaged people.


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As soon as I get a chance! It is THE best. Wake-up call from the hotel. Lions but not tigers and bears, sorry Italian Chocolate A Day in the Life of An International Author Tour, or why they usually recommending capping your minutes of fame at fifteen minutes Gelato well, what did you expect from me in Italy?

In the streets and plaza of the town, at 10 p.

cioccolaot I mean, it looks like this: The first one to try all the unusual flavors, and the second one to try all my favorites. Ha, ha, I was thinking this would be the most laid-back of the interviews, when I saw it on the schedule, but little did I know that videotape of me interviewing in Italian was waiting for me.

This was one of the most wonderful things to me about this tour. Matera is home of the Sassiold dwellings carved into the limestone. ALL with awesome people in an extraordinary setting, so wonderful memories.

Ladra di cioccolato

I think this photo kind of sums up how I feel about this evening in Florence and my experience in Italy in general, both the treatment from publicist Giulia Fea and everyone with Fanucci, and the encounters with others there, and, of course, the chance to see some beautiful country.

This was one of the places I never managed to get to in dj posts about the trip last year. The Festival has all the same wonderful energy that its organizers do! Even for incredible hot chocolate. Of the vaulted ceilings and luxurious bed that Ladra di Cioccolato was sleeping in last post.

By the way, if I ever read another scene where somebody bathes in the Fontana da Trevi, I will throw the book out a window.


cioxcolato At some points, we were having debates like this: Italians like to exaggerate to make you feel good. See previous posts for more photos. Or closed after 2: Cream-soaked, dotted with strawberries…sigh. What do you think? Can I just get a cheer? No entry into any actual building besides the Renaissance one we were staying in was possible.

Also, a little to the back in that photo, do you see the woman with the camera? It is truly a magical town. We went into one old cave-monastery with frescos from the second, fifth, cioccolati eight century AD, just for an example. All this ice cream made me very nostalgic for my absolute top ice-cream place in Paris.

In a town where AD frescos are so common nobody even bothers protecting them, you have to ask that kind of question. More about that later. From cioccolati magical Matera, we made our way posthaste to Bari, where our time was fleeting, but it did allow us to meet these lovely ladies:. But I was feeling pressured! It was a brief fling, me and triathlons.

And you can decide whether any work might be involved. Out on a nice plaza sitting at a little coffee table in front of a bookstore, with a gelateria just across from us and a gorgeous view of the sassi over to our left. Even if I did try seven places. This involved not only eating chocolate but a talk from me and a book presentation question and answer session with Isabella.