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In Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has created a tortured, mature, and completely three-dimensional hero (and mega-sexy, to boot) and paired. In this fourth installment of Gaelen Foley’s Knight family series, Lady Jacinda Knight, youngest of the Knight family runs away from home, only to find herself in . Lady Jacinda Knight ran away from home to avoid a loveless marriage to an old With Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has racked up another solid story in the.

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Also in Knight Miscellany. Then one night, in flight from a safe but loveless marriage arranged by her strict older brother, Jacinda finds herself alone on a dark and dangerous street face-to-face with Billy Blade, the notorious leader of a band of thieves. Jacinda hangs out with Billy for a few hours, makes out with him, and he sends her home, much to her dismay.

Lady of Desire

Having no other money to pay for dexire to her destination, Jacinda boldly chases the little thief into the dark back alleyways of London where she become lost.

She is hard at work on her next book. Nov 26, Brandy rated it liked it. LadyWesley Sep 25, By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Her descriptions of life in the rookery and some of the social and political issues of the time give voice to a different segment of the population, as well as a stark reminder that unfortunately some things never really change. Now Billy is in Jacinda’s world and he sucks at it. You say you respect him and his past but keep giving him random snotty annoyed looks and saying you need to “civilize” him? The heroine’s contradicting and somewhat confusing characterization through a good chunk of the book.

Then one night, in flight from a safe but loveless marriage arranged by her strict older brother, Jacinda finds herself alone on a dark and dangerous street face-to-face with Billy Blade, the notorious leader of a band of thieves. gaeelen

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I really enjoy her exploration of topics outside the social aspects of the tonwhich deftly bring to life gselen more realistic side of life in that era. Having turned his back on the privilege of his tyrannical father’s house years before, he vows to return to reclaim his title, Earl of Rackford — to win the love of the gealen beauty who has stolen his heart.


As Billy decides to go straight and claim his aristocratic title as an earl to win her hand, he must contend with his rivals oc now know his weakness is that of the heart.

Yet she was eager to gain a marriage proposal from coley man she didn’t love and who was more than three times her age. He doesn’t know any of the etiquette, what silverware to use, how to politely insult, etc. View all 19 comments. To Mom and Dad “G” — Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support these many years and for raising such a wonderful son And this fourth installment, Lady of Desireis another enchanting, lusciously beautiful love story that nearly surpasses with The Duke for my favorite of the series so far.

Lord Of Ice Gaelen Foley. For these reasons, I felt the characters were rather two-dimensional and I was not emotionally engaged in the story. Not wanting her to roam the dangerous lqdy at night, Billy takes Jacinda back to his gang headquarters where he tries to get her to tell him who she is. Fortunately, before matters proceed too far, Billy discovers the true identity of the young miss.

Lady of Desire – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

At first you think this is a story about a young woman who is tired of being watched, constantly watched. His father, a Marquis, was a cruel, sadistic man whose abuse lead Billy to leave his heritage behind and lead a difficult life on the streets. The Duke of Ice.

So sit down with a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this wonderful story. Really liked the hero otherwise.

Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley | : Books

I did like Billy’s realization that even the bad things in life can bring about good if we let them, but again, I felt like his revelation came about a desirf too quickly with no real introspection to show how he came to that conclusion. Item s unavailable for purchase.


I am sure that if she had been born a good hundred years later she would have been part of the womens Suffragette movement of the early ‘s ; Her eldest brother The Duke of Hawscliffe, who was responsible for her, was reaching the end of his lafy and wanted her married off to a strong man who was capable of controlling her. I loved Billy and would have happily swapped places with Jacinda at a click of the finger, he is a very sexy alpha male who deep down has emotional issues and believes that no one could possibly love him.

There were just so many things going on in the story that I thought the plot itself in many ways overshadowed the relationship development.

From what I can tell so far, Ms. While running away from an arranged marriage, a series of mishaps finds her alone in an alley, smack in the middle of the most violent area of the rookery, at the mercy of a dangerous, yet beguiling gang leader, the notorious thief and scoundrel, Billy Blade. If you are reading this series keep going.

These books would be appropriate for teen and sensitive readers. Billy had felt thoroughly unloved and unlovable all his life, and to have just a few words be able erase all that, was a bit too easy in my opinion. The Knight Miscellany 4. Too bad running away means getting lost in the stews of London and running into the leader of one of the most notorious gangs around. Billy gives Jacinda her first taste of pleasure before delivering her to her family’s doorstep, much to her chagrin.

And much too quickly at that for my liking. Galen Foley is far, far better than this book might indicate.