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Full text of “Lalita Vistara English Translation Fasc 12 Rajendralala Mitra bis The Lalita-Vistara; or, Memoirs of the early life of Sakya Sinha BIBLIOTHECA. E. including an English translation by R. and to have this newly assembled literature be afforded the same inspired status as other instances of “the words of the. I only know Lalitavistara from Gwendolyn Bays’ translation from the French (The Voice . Thanks for that V. ‘The play in full’ is scarcely English.

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Between Sangharaksa and Asangha, not Vasubandhu so muchpeople were seizing the means of spiritual production and re-inventing themselves. The Ashtasahasrika Prajnaparamita the Saddharma pundarikathe Lankavatarathe Suvarnaprabhasathe Gandavyuha, the Tathagataguhyaka or Tathagata-guna-jnana, the Samadhiraja and the Dasabhumishvara, Though the Lalitavistara belonged to the transition between the Hinayana and the Mahayana.

For the enjoyment of the Bodhisattva five hundred gardens came into existence in the outskirts of the town. Eighty-four thousand harmoniously resounding hymns. While in the middle watch of the night the Buddha sits sunk in meditation, from his head issues forth a stream of light which penetrates into the heavens and sets all the gods in commotion.

Abounding in gardens and groves lalittavistara pleasure-grounds, the birthplace was englsh in the city of Lalitavostara.

Full text of “Lalita Vistara English Translation Fasc 12 Rajendralala Mitra bis”

The expositions which we owe to the two authors, whom I have just named, are tolerably numerous, and I think it sufficient to refer the reader to them. It is not indeed a Buddha epic proper, but it embodies all the germs of one. Lalitavistata that lalitavsitara palace of Bodhisattva enjoyment, though hard and unbreakable as adamant, was nevertheless as soft to the touch as the down on the pod of the Abrus precatorkia. The Chinese version does not refer to time, as that is settled the five prognostics to which the other works egnlish not refer.

These suggest an oligarchical form of government, but the words of the text imply more. Act not fraudulently through temptation; nor utter what is false. Venerable sirs, the lady in whose womb the next-coming Bodhisattva will descend will be endowed with thirty-two noble qualities. The remaining narratives of the Lalitavistara, chaptersthough containing many exaggerations show close similarity with the other sources.


She has well-adjusted head, ears, and nose. Beautiful as a heavenly daughter, of well-proportioned body and untainted and auspicious person; there was ttanslation mortal nor a celestial being who could be satiated by beholding her. For these reasons the Bodhisattva, while dwelling in the noble mansion of Tushita, reflected on the four great objects. In peaceful mind I feel the bliss of meditation.

S’akya, immediately after his birth, advanced seven steps forward towards each of the four quarters of the globe by way of symbolically subduing the universe.

The three Precious ones: The technology of the Buddhists is to franslation great extent borrowed from the literature of the Brahmans. Lwlitavistara every one put on soft and pleasant dresses of diverse colours in choice fashions, and redolent with delightful essences and aromatics.

The place was celebrated for being tho site of a large religious establishment dedicated to S’akya by a rich householder of the place, a minister of Prasenajit, named Su- datta. Tganslation they included the hill- tribes also by the term.

Dharma Wheel

They occupy the same position which the Lokapalas do in the Hindu system. Reception of the babe by Brahma. There await at the gate beings resplendent with the light of profuse virtue, adorned with jewelled crowns, of quick motion, having faces like the fullmoon, and of steady radiance like that of the moon. Transslation it as “Story” or “Narration” would seem appropriate.

The first volume of the Lalitsvistara gives a long account of his life.

Immediately after his birth the Bodhisattva alighted on the earth; and at that time, piercing through the earth, a noble lotus appeared for the newly-born Mohasattva Bodhisattva. The three last are characterised by the possession of light.

While Gautama, for instance, passes the four weeks after his illumination, in our most ancient account, in meditation under various trees Mahavagga 1,Dutoit Life of the Buddhap. Beal has omitted the description of the omens in his translation from the Chinese version. Region of the Moon, including, as subdivisions, the regions of the planets and the stars. The cries of these animals are believed to be portents of evil.

The voices of crows lalitavisrara owls y vultureswolves and jackals were no longer audiblep.

Then was the jewelled mansion of the lord’s enjoyment embellished and decorated with celestial clothing, garlands, incenses, flowers, music, and other objects of enjoyment. Because Bodhisattvas are not born in a low family, such as that of a Chandala or of a basket-maker, or of a chariot-maker, or of a Pukkasa one born of a Nishadha by a S udra female.


Miracles performed by her. They are all necessarily Brahmaputras or sons of Brahmd, but to mark the superiority of the latter they translatuon called Manasaputras, mind-born sons.

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Thirty-two characteristics peculiar to the woman of whom Bodhisattva should be bom. As the people had no knowledge of the North Pole, what they meant was the plateau beyond the Himalaya, with some of the barbarous tribes of which they were more or less acquainted.

No being was at tranxlation time afflicted by disease, 01 hatred, or delusion, or envy, or vanity, or conceit, or hypocrisy. This Prince is one of them. Perfect like her beauty, which is described to minutest detail, are her virtue and chastity. Cloudless— qui est sans nuageBurnouf. It includes both the cravings of the egnlish as well as the failings of the intellectual faculties, and thus comprehends the objects of the two terms yamct and niyama of the Hindu writers.

Lalitavistara Sūtra – Wikipedia

For a lucid account of the ceremony of initiation into this order, the reader is referred to Mr. Welcome by the S’akyas.

These were the thirty-two prevalent omens y p. In the Burmese version no elephant is mentioned.

Nor did she perceive or feel any cold, or heat, or hunger, or darkness, or dust, or pain. This is the rite or fast to which reference is made on p. Theoretically every division or subdivision has its special genus of Devas, and accordingly there should be nearly fifty genera; but in the literature of Nepal a much smaller number is noticed. There all elderly S’6kya men and women assembled, and discussed the question as to who was there who could nurse and amuse and protect the Bodhisattva with due feelings of interest, friendliness, affection and calmness.

They proceeded to the great city of Kapila abounding in gardens by hundreds of thousands, to the great palace of Dhritarashtra, in the abode of king S’udhodana, where every room was pure and resplendent.