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Metal. Enclosure. XX XX XX XX . CCM, LanRic. PCS/PKT . PVC Coated Flexible Pipe. 30m/cx. 5/8”. We stock a large range of cable management system from Lanric. The Lanric products that we stock were designed for exterior set up to support electrical power. LanRic®. O. Conduit expanslorn ‘flMiillgs an,d ‘QIrQ:ufild b-ol1ldinQ Jumperrs s’ halill be iinstalted alii A. Tenmlna1lons,,and conooctions oJ rlgidl,and il1lt,ermedlate metal,oo:ndUtt:s~all be threaded., .. Southern Cable Catalog.

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Pure aluminium is soft and ductile and most commercial uses require greater strength than pure aluminium affords. There are processes that allow hot rolled sheets to prevent rust as well.

Further strengthening is possible by means which classify the alloys into roughly two categories, non-heat-treatable alloyed with manganese, silicon, iron and magnesium and heat-treatable alloyed with copper, magnesium, zinc, and silicon.

Specification for steel conduit and fittings with metric threads of ISO form for electrical installations.

These are generally used to manufacture bodies of vehicles, railway coaches, earth moving equipments, material handling equipments, consumer goods like washing machines, bicycles and its parts, office equipments and furniture.

Steel Conduit and fittings for electrical wirings BS It is do used in the Architecture, building and lanrif field. All the cable management system products which we keep in our warehouse are manufactured to quality and standards comply with ISO Stainless Steel is a very versatile and useful material used in a wide variety of applications. Electro-galvanized coil features excellent forming properties, paintability, weldability, and is suitable for fabrication by stefl, pressing and bending.


Lubricants can be applied to enhance formability and to avoid at-press lubrication. The more the merrier.


EG Obtained by electro-plating the finished Cold Rolled Steel with a thin layer of zinc or zinc-nicket to provide corrosion resistance. Aluminium is available in a wide variety of alloys to meet specific applications. Cable Trunking System BS Conduot is used in a food equipment, chemical equipment and architectural applications.

So, strength is achieved by the catallogue of other elements to produce alloys. It is generally a good idea to keep the inside radius at least equal to the material thickness. It is non-magnetic, not heat treatable and has good formability. High alloy steel used mainly for its anti-corrosion properties and contain a minimum of Distributor, dealer, stockist, agent.

Lanric Conduit Catalogue Pdf Download

Metal Cable Tray Systems. Conduit systems for cable management. When exposed to the atmosphere, pure zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate, a dull grey, fairly strong material that stops further corrosion in many circumstances, protecting the steel below from the elements. Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting on walls and ceilings.

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Applications include domestic applications; building applications for example, wall elements, roofing applications, automotive applications for example, body in white for vehicles under body auto partslightning fixtures, drums and various kinds of sections applications, profiled sheets.

Products of LanRic are manufactured according to the following international standard which is applicable: Each grade can be processed with several surface finishes depending on customer requirements.


It is generally used in parts where rust proofing is not critical. Cracking vatalogue the most pronounced when the runs parallel to the natural grain of the material formed as the sheet is rolled from the molten ingot. Steel Conduit and fittings for electrical wirings. Particular requirements for cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting underfloor, flushfloor, or onfloor.

As a matter of fact, galvanized steel can be exposed to around o F before the Zinc will begin peeling from the steel. When aluminium is bent around too small of an inside radius, cracking will occur.

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Stainless steels have sufficient amount of chromium present so that a passive film of chromium oxide forms which prevents further surface corrosion and blocks corrosion spreading in the metal’s internal structure. This iron oxide film is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide. Cold-Rolled steels can also be specified as dent resistant or bake hardenable for applications that require dent resistance after forming and painting.

Stainless steel is more expensive than carbon catqlogue alloy steel and only accounts for a small number of steel used in the global market, but it is nonetheless a very valuable international market. We keep an extensively large stock of these cable support and management system. Stainless steel differs from carbon steel by amount of chromium present. Steel Conduit, bends and couplers.