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OBJETIVO: Avaliar a incidência de fístula faringocutânea após laringectomia total e tentar identificar os fatores preditores. MÉTODOS: No período de maio de . ARTIGOS DE REVISÃO. Fístula faringocutânea após laringectomia total: revisão sistemática. Mary Elizabeth de SantanaI; Namie Okino SawadaII. IProfessor. A laringectomia total consiste em um tratamento cirúrgico em que há remoção de todo arcabouço laríngeo, acarretando mudanças anátomo-funcionais e.

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The incidence and etiology of postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulae. Analysis of the complications.

Plastic Surg August; 29 2: The incidence and etiology of postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulae. Services on Demand Journal.

To know the post-surgical evolution of the patients with larynx cancer. The history and current status of surgery in the treatment of laryngeal cancer. Nutrition and the geriatric rehabilitation patient: Elements of a systematic review. Brazilian-Portuguese validation of the University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire for patients with head and neck cancer.


What matters-mean total dose or dose to each parotid gland? Stomal recurrence in patients with T1 glottic cancer after salvage laringectomy for radiotherapy failures: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

An early onset of PCF within 10 postoperative days was recorded in case of salvage total laryngectomy.

How to cite this article. Chee N, Siow JK. Data were obtained of the medical histories taking into account the variables age, sex, antibiotic therapy and complications.

A prospective longitudinal study. Prevention of stomal recurrence in patients requiring emergency tracheostomy for advanced laryngeal and pharyngeal tumors.

Surgical stoma recurrence after total laringectomy

ENT Journal January; 74 1: EmKeim et al. The most frequent complication was the pharyngostoma that represented the Pharyngocutaneous fistula following laryngectomy. Seepck results and complications of near-total laryngectomy. The thyroid gland in the management of carcinoma of the larynx and laryngopharynx.

Paratracheal lymph node dissection for carcinoma of the larynx, hypofarynx, and cervical esophagus. Complications in head and neck surgery: Study of postlaryngectomy stomal recurrence. Post-laryngectomy Pharyngocutaneous fistula-a still unresolved problem.


Predictors of salivary fistula after total laryngectomy

A rapid quantitative olfactory function test for the clinic. A critical analysis of risk factors. Retrospective study and bibliographical review. Kuehn PG, Tennant R.

Os dados foram coletados de modo independente por dois revisores. The influence of olfactory loss on dietary behaviors.

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Head and Neck ; Mumovic G, Hocevar-Boltezar I. Head Neck Surg April ; 4: Deltopectoral flap for one-stage reconstruction of pharyngocutaneous fistulae following total laryngectomy. Acta Chir Lqringectomia April; 43 4: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Pharyngocutaneous fistula after total laryngectomy: Head and neck cancer: J Laryngol Otol October ; Early oral feeding following total laryngectomy.