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Le Memorie Di Adriano Marguerite Yourcenar. 65 likes. Book. Memorie di Adriano di Marguerite Yourcenar – RIASSUNTO (Italian Edition) per tappare velocemente le vostre falle culturali, i Riassunti di Farfadette vi offrono. Results 1 – 30 of Marguerite Yourcenar. Filter your search Filter by Memorie di Adriano · Marguerite Yourcenar Le Jardin Des Chimeres. 28 Jan

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By the standards of the Roman Empire, his reign adrisno considered peaceful this in spite of a war with the Jews resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the banishment of the Jewish people from Jerusalem.

Yokrcenar knew he was both human and supremely divine. Merely a welcome guest, who may stay as long as you like. My initial interest was learning about the life and yourcenat of this emperor of Rome, and to that extent, I was slightly disappointed, as these took a back seat to A look at the meaning of yourcena through the eyes of a man who had almost limitless power combined with a desire to do good.

It’s about a lot of other stuff too, though. Can something be too beautiful? It is fortunate that, every now and then, the world acquires for a brief moment a man like Hadrian or a woman like Yourcenar. The landscape of my days appears to be composed, like mountainous regions, of varied materials heaped up pell-mell.

In the meantime though — and in case I die suddenly or see something shiny and get distracted, and don’t get around to it — I must note that I think the somewhat creepy, suspicious hype surrounding this book is well deserved, and then some. Reflect, comparing, if it has been worth playing the role of being omnipresent and all powerful, with the immense loneliness that for many periods of his reign he has felt countless times, at night in his rooms; after participating in orgies, official acts, religious ceremonies or deciding the fate of life or death of another human being.


Memorie di Adriano by Marguerite Yourcenar (4 star ratings)

Over the next decade and a half, she returned to the idea several times, marguerire each time admitted defeat. It is, after all, being left for a young man who is at the most an afterthought- a lucky find after a series of disasters wherein the chosen heirs proved monstrously unworthy or have already died uselessly and horribly from an excess of virtue.

Yourcenar was writing this book over decades, getting the idea in the early s and publishing the book in This is a gorgeous book by Marguerite Yourcenar with the emperor writing to future emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius about his life and the burdens of leadership.

So she creates a first person narrative text, and through its lines, his memoirs, someone can “meet” this great person Hadrian must have yurcenar and the way he ruled the Roman Empire at his era.

Well worth reading margueritw those interested These ancient beliefs and atitudes are easy to discern in the later ideals of the Renaissance and of the French Revolution.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti

His thoughts inhabited mine, mine his. His musings and recollections made me muse and recollect; reading Hadrian challenge his own perspective made me challenge my own point of view, my own way of living my life. The comparison with the quest of Proust to recapture ‘les temps perdus’ is not at all far-fetched: Sep 02, Michael Finocchiaro rated it it was amazing Shelves: They shared those things and they also shared terrible pain at the end, messy and humiliating, an lle to go gently into that good night.

View all 21 comments. The self-analysis accomplished by Hadrian is occa I quite enjoyed this book, beautifully written in a delicate, elegant and almost sensuous prose and recreating, in a nuanced and thoughtful fashion, the cultural world of a complex man like Hadrian, whose lifetime saw the apotheosis of the Roman Civilization.

Hers too are medium-like gifts; she is an extraordinary intermediary between Hadrian and the reader. The statue of Hadrian, the 14th Emperor of the Roman Empire, was brought alive by the French author Marguerite Yourcenar in this novel. View all 92 comments.


La nota della traduttrice, Lidia Storoni Mazzolani, ci regala la storia di un’amicizia nata lavorando insieme alla versione italiana. Yourcenar obviously did an insane amount of work compiling his life history with meticulous attention to details, but written as a letter to Marcus Aurelius, the book felt like a helluva lotta tell, not show.

It is, moreover, arrogant to believe that the effort can even succeed. Wait did I just breezily sail yourcejar an incident of child abuse? It is in the first person. And thus the world, Remembers as such, as time melds history with embellishment, And those of the past seep into the newfangled forms of the future.

Every night, she tried to memorif that she was Hadrian, and spent hours writing minutely detailed accounts of what he might have seen and felt. Not annoying smart, either — or I’d at least like to think so — but just more thoughtful and interested in abstract ideas and whatnot than you actually might be in normal life.

There is also an interesting section where Hadrian reflects on his own deification: Want to Read saving….

I read to amend the faults of my education in its neglect of racialised ‘others’, gender outlaws, the materially deprived, all women and whoever else has been mis or under or not represented, in other words the black brown queer trans crip female poor rabble of the world, and who is Hadrian? And another amazing book that I never would have opened were it not for Goodreads.

I hate the bloody Romans! Not that Hadrian is your regular arrogant kings. This is the book that made me regret again that I do not know French or Latin.