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29 oct. Et puis il raconte que, quand il a découvert “Le Transperceneige” dans une car on venait d’apprendre qu’il avait acquis les droits de la BD. Publication Dates: fevrier – ; Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – Le Transperceneige – #3); Color: noir / blanc; Dimensions: Format normal; Binding. Comic Bits Online: Casterman BD: Le Transperceneige – L’Intégrale(Collection).

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Le Transperceneige : Intégrale

I preferred the movie. Much is presented for your analysis, especially when you consider you have bo Read the first two books, which are different in terms of art, but perhaps not tone.

Open Preview See a Problem? The whole story, broken into three parts, is set on a vast train travelling through a new ice age. The illustrations aren’t memorable or inspired transpercemeige.

The Explorers ; though the second volume only makes mention of The Explorers in its title, it also contains The Crossing. Allora, quest’edizione comprende i tre episodi della serie Snowpiercer.

In the original there was really just one I would beware the movie, if you haven’t read the book first, because transpercenegie are very different and it is better to regard the book as the original which it is. Trying to rescue Proloff, Belleau is placed under quarantine with him.

Other than the fact that we are on a train powered by a “perpetual motion” engine in an ice-filled post-apocalyptic wasteland, and that the train’s population of the last humans on earth is stratified by a rigidly enforced social-class system, graphic novel and film share almost no plot DNA.


Very different from the movie!

Le Transperceneige : Intégrale by Jacques Lob

I was impressed by how well the tension kept up throughout the book, which is longer than most graphic novels. Jul 11, Mladoria rated it really liked it Shelves: The elites then reveal that the first braking mission was to take the Snowpiercer, and that the sole survivor is Proloff, who only talks to the engine. The Escape and Snowpiercer: In un sistema totalitario ambientato nel futuro in costrizioni molto estreme si ritrovano molti temi della storia, politica e sociale, moderna e contemporanea.

I had such expectations, I did, because graphic novels ARE so visual. We saw a lack of space, the dar Uhm This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Dec 25, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Some angles didn’t seem right and in some crowded scenes I had no idea who’s who.

The Esc The Playlist”.

Le Transperceneige

Need to finish 3 and 4. It was thanks to the trailer for the film to be called Snowpiercer en anglais that I discovered its existence.

Adaptation Korean director Bong Joon-ho adapted the graphic novel to the cinema as Snowpiercerwhich was originally released in This all may seem very harsh, but actually I enjoyed reading this.

Paperbackpages. The two are eventually called to meet Colonel Krimson, passing through several different cars of the train. Korean director Bong Joon-ho adapted the graphic novel to the cinema as Snowpiercerwhich was originally released in Jan 30, Zaz rated it liked it Shelves: In inglese con sottotitoli in olandese, of course.


I liked the art better and also the characters. The idea of the story was very interesting and it was very well exploited in the movie. Contents Le transperceneige science fiction Snowpiercer le transperceneige film complet en francais The Escape The Explorers Adaptation References An English translation was released in by Titan Comics, consisting of two volumes: They were confusing and jumbled, and after awhile I gave up really transperceniege the details and just tried to follow the general arc.

Le Transperceneige – Wikipedia

Belleau dies of the cold while Proloff is rescued by Alec Forrester, the engineer behind the Snowpiercer, who appoints him caretaker of ‘Olga’, the engine. Refresh and try again.

Some panels were really not easy to read. As they are talking, the rear cars are disconnected. The first volume deserves 5 stars. Political machinations and the struggle for survival are played out in the claustrophobic confines of the train.