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Few political terms have such a hazy and imprecise definition in popular discourse as “Zionism.” In part, this is due to the political agenda. Auto-Emancipation has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. A literature on the psychosis of Jew-hatred. Leon Pinsker: Auto-emancipation and self-help In September , a pamphlet entitled “Auto-emancipation! An appeal to his people by a Russian Jew ”.

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This division caused the failure of the entire movement. And since it is not to be our mission to reform mankind, we must see what we have to do for ourselves under the circumstances.


To truly find the uniting threads of Zionism, one must analyze a time ekancipation the irreparable divisions began. If it should, then woe to our entire future!

We waged the most glorious of all guerrilla struggles with the peoples of the earth, who with one accord wished emancipatoin destroy us. Pinsker had been associated with the efforts at Russi-] fication of the Jews which was carried on by the society for the Spread of Culture among the Russian Jews, of which he was one of the founders.

If one considers that in the last thirty- eight years the population of the United States of America has risen from, seventeen millions to fifty millions, and that the increase in emancjpation for the next forty years will probably continue in the same proportion, we can well understand that immediate action is necessary, if we do not desire to eliminate for all time the possibility of establishing in the New World a secure refuge for our 1 unhappy brethren.

The aversion which meets emanciaption foreigner in a strange land can be repaid in equal coim in his home country. In the pamphlet, pinskdr describes anti-Jewish attacks as a psychosis, a pathological disorder and an irrational phobia. The time has come for a sober and dispassionate realization of our true position.

When our face is slapped, we soothe our burning cheek. They do not see how glad one is to decline Jewish companionship. They showed their own weakness in emandipation they pimsker to be trumped up wholesale in order to quiet the evil conscience of the Jew-baiters, to justify the condemnation of an entire nation, to demonstrate the necessity of burning the Jew, or rather the Jewish ghost, at the stake.

The human race, and we as well, have scarcely traversed the first stage of the practice of perfect humanitarianism— if that goal is ever to be reached. Meanwhile nations live side by side in a state of relative peace, secured by treaties and international law, but based chiefly on the fundamental equality between them.

He must be blind indeed who will assert that the Jews are not the chosen people, the people chosen for uni- versal hatred. We must first of all desire to help ourselves and then the help of others is sure to follow. It is incumbent upon them, they are called and in duty bound, to lay the foundation of that lighthouse to which our eyes will turn.


Emancipztion one who has the slightest judgment can see at first glance that the purchase of lands in America would, because of the swift rise of that country, emancipaion be a risky, but a lucrative enterprise.

If no notice is taken of our descent and we are treated like others born in the country, we express our gratitude by actually turning renegades. The proper, the only solution, is in the creation of a Jewish nationality, of a people living upon its own soil, the auto- emancipation of the Emancipatin their return to the ranks of the nations by the acquisition of a Jewish homeland.

When we are ill-used, robbed, plundered and dishonored, we dare not defend ourselves, and, worse still, we take it almost as a matter of course. Per- haps the Holy Land wall again emancpiation ours. Thus have Judaism and Anti-Semitism passed for centuries through history as pinskerr companions.

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Therefore, the selection of a national and permanent land, meeting all requirements, must be made with all care, and confided to one single national institute, to a commission of experts selected from our directorate. He, however, who desires to be unbiased, who does not desire to judge and inter- pret the affairs of this world according to the prin- ciples of an Utopian Arcadia, but would merely as- certain and explain them in order to reach a conclu- sion of practical value, will not make either of the parties seriously responsible for the antagonism de- scribed.

In the western provinces of Russia we behold the Jews herded together, lead- ing a wretched existence in the most dreadful destitu- tion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The basis is absent upon which treaties and international law may be applied: He wrote that Jews would never be the social equals of non-Jews until they had a state of their own. We continue on in the old, humdrum way seeking only for the palliative of beneficence.

Judeophobia is a psychic aberration. Consequently, we are bound by duty to devote all our remaining moral force to re-establishing ourselves as a living nation, so that we may ultimately assume a more fitting and dignified role among the family of the nations. The lack of national self-respect and self-confidence of political initiative and of unity, are the enemies of our national renaissance.

In this respect, two countries, lying at opposite points of the globe, which have lately vied with each other for first place and created two opposite currents of Jewish emigration, present themselves. The lack of national self-respect and self-confi- dence of political initiative and of unity, are the en- emies of our national renaissance.


Auto-Emancipation – Wikipedia

First a breeder of prejudice, later in conjunction with other forces we are about to discuss, it culminated in Judeophobia. Happily, we are not called upon with Ahad Ha am to adjudge the relative merits of those two prophets of Jewish Nationalism. They acquired, or persuaded themselves that they had acquired certain cosmopolitan tendencies which could appeal to others no more than they could bring satis- faction to the Jews themselves.

As a psychic aberration it is hereditary, and as a disease transmitted for two thousand years it lso incurable. The great ideas of the eighteenth century have not passed by our people without leaving a trace. The extent and the manner in which this antipathy is shown depends of course, upon the cultural status of each people.

James marked it as to-read Mar 27, We say this with a heavy heart; but we must admit the truth. Involved dle Ages wre tchedly vegetated. We must recognize that before the great idea of human brotherhood will unite all the peoples of the earth, milleniums must elapse; emamcipation that meanwhile a people which is at home everywhere and nowhere, must everywhere be regarded as alien.

Or will we rather use this respite to draw the proper from the accumulated experience, in order that we may escape the new blows which are sure to come!

Hence the problem is to find means of so adjusting the relations of this exclusive element to the whole body of the nations that there shall never be any further basis for the Jewish Question.

The international Jewish question must receive 5 a national solution. That year he published the essay anonymously in German.

We have sunk so low that we become almost ju- bilant when, as in the Occident, a small fraction of our people is put on an equal footing with non-Jews. It is now high time to create a refuge for this surplus. In this respect there would prob- ably commend themselves most highly those two lands, 26 situated in opposite parts of the world, which have lately vied with each other for first place in creating two opposite currents in the Jewish emigration.

Like the Jewish people, the real wandering Jew, An- ti-Semitism, too, seems as if it would never die. For while this body was initially designed as a place where Jewish and Akto unity would be upheld, it rapidly became rife with untold numbers of factions, representing every possible political combination.

The Economic Development of the Jewish People. Paperback72 pages.