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LXP -1 Owner’s Manual. 1. Installing the LXP Specifications. The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Frequency Response. View and Download LEXICON LXP-1 owner’s manual online. Multi-effect processing module. LXP-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Lexicon LXP-1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lexicon LXP-1 Owner’s Manual, Manual.

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Audio terminator plug to left channel output un — nun Performance Verification Lexicon Dry unprocessed Frequency Response, cont’d. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To keep the power plug from working loose from the rear of the unit during travel, you may wish to apply a small amount of silicone sealer to the plug manaul inserting it.

With W3 installed, received data is sent back out through inverter to current loop driver Q3. As the MIDI button is released, the selected test is initiated. Every nine clock pulses, RCO pin 15 will go high in order to force an interrupt routine on the Z80 processor.

When pressed, a low state is produced on pin 11 of U7. This charges lesicon capacitor C41 or 52 depending on the channel being output to the DAC output level.

Faulty DRAM can llxp data errors in the effects processing circuitry. Handling of user data input from digital user controls 4. This allows both outputs to be present when only one LXP-1 output is used by summing left and right singlas together. The opposite end of the dual pot is connected to the Right and Left preamp stage outputs. It operates identically to the RAM test on Position 2. C Llexicon Knob Input Level: IUF C47 4 0.


LEXICON LXP-1 SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

The removal of VCC causes Q4 to shut off. Verify that all pots, the MIDI momentary push button and the position rotary lexicoh operate smoothly and correctly. IUF X77 C26 0. To prepare the LXP-1 for this test, perform the the following: A Control Knob Input Level: IUF C59 4 O. Verify that all screws and rear panel jacks are secure. R2 and C4 provide this power up Reset delay.

Swap all right and left channel audio connections sind repeat steps 1. Audio input cable from Low Distortion Oscillator output to right channel input 2. OluF capacitor is connected across the AC input to reduce noise spikes from the line voltage input.

If the two knobs are set to the same position, the test result will indicate success, and vice-versa.


Do not use alcohol, benzene or acetone-based cleaners ,anual any strong commercial cleaners. Sweep from 20 Hz to 20kHz. Inputs are DC isolated by lOuF non-polarized coupling capacitors. Turning the knob clockwise will increment the position number by one.

DAC output is compared to analog input by the comparator.

Full text of “Lexicon: lexicon lxp 1 sm”

Checks the interrupt timing by comparing it to coded timing loops. A lkHzdB audio signal can be applied to inputs, and the signal can be traced into and out of the converter. C63 will then hold its sample of the audio input while the Analog to Digital conversion is per- formed.


Calculates the ROM checksum and compares it to the stored value. Audio input ldxicon from Low Distortion Oscillator output to left channel input 2.

LEXICON LXP-1 Owner’s Manual

IUF 4 yTv C30 0. A dual op amp U30 performs this preamp function by providing the initial gain and buffering for the Left and Right input signals.

A protection diode CR2 allows an added discharge path for C4 during power down conditions. Probing the crystal lead furthest away from the LEXICHIP can cause the oscillator to fail and the unit will then require a power down and power up to restart.

Under normal conditions the LXP-1 requires minimal maintenance. Position “0” refers to a 6 o’clock knob position. Two discrete FET transistors, Q6 and Q7 provide an output muting function by shorting U26 outputs to ground after the ohm resistors in lexicpn with the outputs. This voltage level will be stored by the storage cap until the next output sample is applied.