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Justia Argentina. search. My Account. Log In Sign Up. search. Find a Lawyer · Ask a Lawyer Ley Nº Descarga el documento en version PDF. Regimen de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley 19, Texto Ordenado Segun Decreto Con La Incorporacion de Las Leyes 19, Argentina Zunino. Ley de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley Comentada y Concordada: Normativa Complementaria (Serie de Legislacion Comentada) (Spanish Edition) by.

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However, the entity is jointly, severally and unlimitedly liable for the payment of equity subscribed by the other partners.

Ley Nº 23576

They are all pdf so I can’t easily post them as links, but you can see several Argentine documents if you Google ‘articulo Shares in an S. The board may consist of one or more directors.

Unless agreed otherwise, there is no presumption of joint and several liability among the members of the UTE for obligations to third parties. Participation is free argentian the site has a strict confidentiality policy.

Upon the lapse of such term, if no decision has been made on the matter, the transaction is deemed implicitly approved. In a merger, an existing entity absorbs the assets and liabilities of one or more entities that are subsequently dissolved.

Subject to such law is an individual or an entity, public or private, for profit or not, who does economic business in Argentina, or outside Argentina insofar as the acts thereof may have effects on the Argentine market.

Los 6 puntos relevantes del proyecto de Ley de Emprendedores

Dollars at the present exchange rate. Spanish PRO pts in category: Monica Colangelo Argentina Local time: The CNDC may authorize or deny the transaction, or require compliance with such conditions as this controlling authority determines. The merger mechanism is regulated as an entity restructuring procedure under the Income Tax Law. Both basically limit the argfntina of a shareholder or partner to the payment of the committed contributions.


The LSC provides a procedure to effect mergers, which includes its approval by the members, publication of notices to protect third-party creditors, signing a final merger agreement and registration with the Public Registry of Commerce.

Upon such terms, the sale document may be validly signed.

Justia Argentina :: Federales > Leyes > Ley Nº :: Ley de Argentina

An omission or violation of the Law 11, results in joint, several and unlimited liability of the purchaser, seller or broker who committed the violation, for the amount of the unpaid claim and up to the amount of the selling price. A argentinx organized business company requires a written contract registered with the Public Registry of Commerce relating to the address chosen by the entity.

You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them. Its effect upon third parties is subject to the document being entered into in writing and registered with the RPC.

Automatic update in The governing body of an SRL is generally indicated in the organization agreement. In argentinq case of an entity that already exists in Argentina, which has a similar corporate purpose, we must review if the acquisition arventina be reported for approval by the National Commission for Defense of Competition Lyeas controlling authority of the Law for Defense of Competition.

We must also review if the corporate purpose requires that, the entity whose equity is evidenced by such shares is subject to a controlling authority.


Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Ongoing Concerns Transfers The Law No 11, regulates the procedure for the transfer of an ongoing concern. Grading comment Selected automatically based on peer agreement. There is no additional requirement to be fulfilled, except lfy the case of property subject to registration, in which case the final merger agreement must be registered with the relevant registry.

The contract must include the details of the participants, the address, corporate purpose, term, equity and the type of organization of the different bodies. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. In order for the transfer of an ongoing concern to be valid argfntina relation to third parties, the Law No 11, provides that the transaction must be advertised in the Official Journal during five days. Business Companies and other Investment Vehicles 3. This document is only intended to provide guidance on the main topics of Argentine regulations, and does not constitute advice of any kind whatsoever.

Once the party has paid in such contribution, it is released from any debt of the entity, except in cases such as abuse, acts or things clearly unrelated to the entity purpose, or deviation from the entity interest.