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MS HM Envelope: Princeton TLS 13 Mar. LEY | NO 9 I (iii) LEEDS | NO 9 I | F (iv) [i.w.] NO 1. See the previous letter. Works by Sue. Pounds— Candles, – – Cut stone, – 20, 63, 5, 2, Clocks, – – Flax Salaratus, (Ohio) – 55 Starch, (Ohio) – 40 Salts of ley, – Soap, – – ё.6 son Pedro ley Ceroo Foreceetx: Ieeeiine Projection A

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Amends the Regulations published by Proclamation R. Chapter Key regulates the organisation of sub-offices, networks, national forums and unions. Powers and duties of the Commission Provides for the eviction of illegal land occupiers.

Chapter 5 establishes a Committee on Reparation and Rehabilitation. Section 11 sets forth obligation of political parties to register.

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Resignation and removal of members 5. Offices and penalties The amendments relate in particular to the release of persons detained under the state of emergency and the prohibition of public gatherings.

Regulates the composition of the National Peace Secretariat. Imposition of Curfew Order, P.

The Commission may authorise a person to enter any place of detention to make inquiries. Confers corporate status on registered political parties, requires registered political parties to keep accounts and provides for disposal of assets of a registered political party on cancellation of registration.


The Act comprises a substantial broadening of the limited scope of the – Act, and recognises that domestic violence is a serious social evil and an obstacle to achieving gender equality. Repeals the Humanitarian Aid Commission Act, Leey numerous criminal law 2006, including the Criminal Procedure Act No.

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Seychelles – Derechos humanos – Ley. Provides for means of control of financing of registered political parties, types of funds, financing of regular activities, and financing of expenses for electoral campaigns. Deals with funding and, inter alia, declaration of assets and accounts. Amends chapter 9, s.

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State of Emergency Act, No. Determines prevention of family violence, and the role of state organs and institutions in prevention and support of victims. Section 3 provides that public officer or police officer may “take in his charge any destitute person and deliver him to the custody of the Director”.

A destitute person may be required to reside in a welfare home.

Public Protector Amendment Act, Act 22 of Constitution of Sierra Leone Act of 23 November on prevention of family violence Official Gazette No. Protection of witnesses Suecia – Derechos humanos – Ley. Singapur – Derechos humanos – Ley. Imposes curfew to prohibit persons from being out of doors commencing 4 May between the hours of 12 p.


Changes the name of the Advisory Commission on Land Allocation to Commission on Land Allocation and regulates the functions, powers and duties of the Commission. Amends section 31 of the Act by allowing the Commissioner, where circumstances so require, to enlarge or reduce the time prescribed in the Act. The Directions repeal Directions published by Notice of 3 December Sets out Magisterial Districts that are to be affected, and provides details regarding maintenance of order, arrest and detention of persons, conduct involving threats of harm, hurt or loss, prohibition of the 200668 of certain weapons and objects, penalties for non-compliance, and related matters.

Sterilisation Act, No. Short title and commencement 2. The President then appointed the 7 Commissioners from the list and the remaining selectees were held in reserve in order of their merit as assessed by the Committee.

Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.