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VFR Chart of LGIR. IFR Chart of LGIR. Location Information for LGIR. Coordinates: N35°’ / E25°’ View all Airports in Kriti, Greece. Elevation is TAR System COVERAGE Chart Within IRAKLION/ZAKIS TMA With Aerodrome Obstacle Chart – Type A – Operating Limitations – Rwy ‘. LGIR/HER. NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS. P. IRAKLION, GREECE. Trans level: By ATC Trans alt: 11,’. New chart. Climb straight ahead to.

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Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. The other method, flying the bearing pointer, would be easier with the NGX. Give me a few, I’ll do a shot by shot since I’ve no video software. Keeps your hand flying in check!

This was then merely a piece of flat agricultural land. Hellenic Airlines started commercial flights in This will put the VOR on your left side. This method wouldn’t be practical at the speeds you’ll be going, and would be more difficult with the workload involved. Posted January 9, I’d suggest trying it further out if you want. The next major event followed inwhen a four-engined DC-4 aircraft landed for the first time at the airport.

On the second picture of the NGX of mine above, you’ll see the middle red chatrs I put in there, circling the bearing pointer. File Library – What’s New.

So in regards to the bearing pointer, is that just a matter of putting the ND into APP mode, or is there another way to bring it up? At first, the airport only offered very basic service, with only carts installations on the site, in the form of three tents, smoke for wind determination and storm lamps for runway lighting.


Track the 20 DME arc southbound to the radial.

Depending on the wind direction, you nose may have to point into or away from chharts VOR. No – I fully understand what you mean by it. These types of procedures are not too uncommon around the mediterranean holiday resorts, especially the Greek islands.

Inthe first small terminal was erected.

LGIR (Heraklion Airport , Greece): Daily Weather Quality Charts

In that year the airport handled approximately lggir During the Second World War operations ceased, but in fall traffic re-assumed, introducing the DC-3 aircraft.

When I’ve encountered something like this before all I’ve done is insert a fix around the VOR with the radial being the heading given in the lgif lines and the distance being the DX. I’ll reply if Charrs have any questions, lfir I doubt I will. From what you know or have experienced, do you think that approach like this would usually be hand-flown in a NG, or is there a way to program it into the autoflight system? Dial this radial into your course, once you reach it, turn left 30 degrees to your inbound course ofwhich would be a heading.

Posted January 7, Is this anywhere near the right track excuse my pun? Load up, go to a VOR, and play around with intercepting and tracking an arc. And lastly, you say that these are two ways of hand flying a VOR approach. You’ll see it displayed on your MFD ahead of time. Posted January 6, When the new airport is up and running, the existing airport at Heraklion will cease operations.

LGIR : Iraklion – Nizos Kazantzakis

If you’re closer to the VOR, you’ll have more bank, lglr the arc, or circle, is smaller. You’ll get a feel for how the turn required changes with different distances.


I’m waiting for the pink CDI to center, then turning to heading to intercept the final course:. You would of course lead the turn a little, and intercept and track that course inbound.

Since you were on a course, twist to And on the final approach course degreesat what point would I break off to align myself with the runway?

Charte it that way is, erm, interesting. You would adjust your heading changes appropriately with the wind if you needed to, sometimes keeping a heading or adding degrees to it. Already have an account?

Daily Weather Quality Charts for LGIR (Heraklion Airport , Greece): 2018-Dec-30

Not only that, but there’s no IAP for runway 9. For instance, on the 12 DME arc to the final course, the bearing pointer would be on your left wing, since the VOR is left of you and you are heading south.

All the same, I hope it helps! From untilthe runway was extended to 2, meters and a new terminal and other facilities were constructed, essentially making it a new airport.

I tried to zoom out a bit to keep the important stuff in the shots. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. In basic terms, correct. Is this just something that comes with practice, should I enter a FMC fix, or is there something in the displays I’m missing? Register a new account. The new airport itself was officially inaugurated on May 5,