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The Misanthropic Luciferian Order (MLO) is an occult order founded in Sweden in and later renamed to Temple of the Black Light. The MLO released Liber Azerate, a modern grimoire written by the order’s. Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrathful Chaos. 18 likes. Book. Does anyone have *ANY* information about the M.L.O. (Misanthropic Luciferian Order) and their book “Liber Azerate”? By the way, does.

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I look forward to the dissolution of the cosmic order and the beginning of a new dark aeon. Typhon, Ahriman, Set, Loki, Samael, etc.

Purify us with your holy flames! They loathe the filthy cosmic gods. I wonder if people who pursue the subject of Azerate realize that what is meant by “liberation” is actually death, killing oneself at the height of spiritual development, in order to release the spirit and venture forth into Chaos.

Showing them forgiveness will only lead to them taking advantage of you, and eventually destroying you. Mercy is for the weak masses. The most dangerous lie is the sanctified lie: Satan is the god of the dark light and raging Chaos!

We at Torches recognize that Liber Azerate is outdated and does not specifically represent the Order that evolved from that text. Loving your enemy only places you at their mercy. The anti-cosmic gods were spawned from the force of Chaos itself to assist in the battle. The strong must use terror to make themselves heard over the waling of the inferior majority.

Only the inferior submit to social norms and the status quo. Do not say, do. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrath​ful Chaos

A true magician is not bound by any limits or morality. This act was described by the police to azerahe a homophobic hate crime.

This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat TheDriller The MLO site has been down for some time, with a message saying that it will be back up soon with new texts and updates. Perhaps they wanted to have bragging rights, or look cool in front of their friends, not realizing that the information in the book they bought, i. Make yourself a terror to your adversary. Satan is the leader of the anti-cosmic gods, and was spawned from the raging chaos itself.

By the way, does anyone know “what” is Azerate? Thanks for your precious help.

Pazuzu, strike the followers of Yahweh with disease! If given a blow, retaliate a hundred-fold!

Love is for those that deserve it, and is not to be wasted on worthless ingrates. The very fabric of this reality is a lie that hinders chaos from realizing itself. The End Times Everything that has libber beginning has an end. The Satanic Statements One violent action speaks louder than one thousand words.

Leviathan, swallow them whole! Return to Theistic Satanism. Email required Address never made public.

A Satanist does not light different colored candles for different wishes. They debated about what to do, and finally decided on a plan: Skip to content December 28, January 11, torchesoflvcifer. Make war for the sake of war, for combat separates the sheep from the wolves. MLO – “Liber Azerate”. The cosmic gods will then be destroyed along with the universe, and azeratte new dawn shall begin.



While there are no strict laws azegate Satanist must follow, there are some guidelines that will lead to a better life on Earth. As time went on, some began to drift away from worshipping the Demiurge. If you enter the magazine,in interviews, there is an article on the MLO, hope it’s useful.

You azeeate commenting using your WordPress. The cosmic gods are worthless abominations that must be destroyed. Pursue undefiled wisdom, and flee from self-deceit.

Temple of the Black Light

Satanism is about crossing boundaries and moral limitations. Some even began to worship Satan, who was there to fight the Demiurge. For it is only through the knowledge and wisdom that comes with the experience and the direct contact with the dark powers from beyond the limited Cosmos, that we can open the eyes of the Blind Dragon and annihilate this illusory prison that prevents the limitless and eternal azefate of the spirit.

I haven’t heard anything about it though. Lucifer, pour thy redeeming wrath upon us! A new dark aeon will be begin, as all returns to primordial nothingness. Oh Infernal Lord, vanquish the lie of Christ once and for all! They are as follows: