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Liquid War 6: libsys. If version is X.Y.Z, this is Y. This one should increase manually at each significant/public release of the game. Return value: a non- NULL. Pls any one who provide me Libsys Manual in Soft copy. LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It provides a tree.

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Transforms a string so that it does not contain any non-valid URL chars, it will mostly convert chars over into their an hexadecimal code which replaces them in URLs. Based on environment and command switches. You could theorically fit objects in a 3-sized hash. Converts a libss to a string, the advantage of this function is it allocates memory, and does the dirty job.

Note that this ljbsys not the md5 checksum of the generated binary. Error checking is done, if the id is invalid, returned value is NULL.

Note that being empty and being NULL is not the same.

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Returns the datadir value defined by the GNU Autoconf. That is, tells wether mutex can be locked immediately or not. Tries to find out the “average” color from an array of colors.


MINOR is a number, but well, just in case. This can typically be used for debugging purposes. Tests the existence of a file on the filesystem. Not a very fast function, since on a “big” assoc, strcmp will be called internally until the key is found. Compares two strings for equality.

Returns the id of the maanual, this is an internal value, unique for each process, which can help identifying the thread.

Additional features of this system are:. Concatenate 2 strings, and put the result in a newly allocated string. The idea is that is that must be usable in polling mode or in multithreaded mode, and we must be able to truncate a progress indicator into several stages.


Searches environment variables for the given keyword. Returns the the program codename. Sets the environment variable to the given value.

This is a wrapper over the standard malloc function. Returns the number of milliseconds since program was started. On the child it will launch the callback func, run it and exit right away. Serializes a bit integer in a byte buffer. However, one needs at least one context, for instance to log messages.

Libsys Manual

Performs all initializations required for lw6sys functions to behave correctly, this includes locale settings, timer initialization, memory management related stuff. This one will sort in reverse mode.


Returns the log file, taking in account command-line and environment variables. Tries to find a file in the given paths. It deals with approval and ordering of library materials, monitoring their receipt, invoice processing and accessioning. Converts a linar-scale value to a logarithmic one. So the trick is to store within the data structure the pointer on the real free callback.

Checks wether the reentrant list is empty or not. Additionnally, it will never return but quit the program. Executes a function on all hash items. Sets the environment variable to a given value.

If console output is enabled the default all output is copied to stderr. Ideally, this would be plugged to the source revision control system but this has some drawbacks, including that it would require it to modify files before commiting them, which is not safe, and almost impossible if you sign archives.

Nor does it include any information about scheme scripts and data.