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Here is a list of all documented class members with links to the class documentation for each member: a -. ABS_TIME_DATE_FORMAT. Detailed Description. This is the central class in the log4cxx package. Most logging operations, except configuration, are done through this class. Logging Services. log4cxx project. About · Team · Documentation log4cxx Documentation. Version Short introduction to log4cxx · Logging macros.

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AppenderList An collection of the appenders in this logger. Output will go to A1. WaitAccess – w – wait: Get the additivity flag for this Logger instance. Logger hierarchy Documentayion first and foremost advantage of any logging API over plain std:: Logger names are case-sensitive and they follow the hierarchical naming rule: Check whether this logger is enabled for the info Level.

However, if an ancestor of logger Csay Phas the additivity flag set to falsethen C ‘s output will be directed to all the appenders in C and it’s ancestors upto and including Docmuentation but not the appenders in any of the ancestors of P. In addition to its use in the development cycle, a sufficiently rich logging package can also be viewed as an auditing tool. WriterAppenderEvent resetConfiguration: Logger – j – join: By default, it is set to false which means there will be no effort to extract the location information related to the event.

Nevertheless, while script configuring the AsyncAppenderit is safe to set a buffer size smaller than the default buffer size because configurators guarantee that an appender cannot be used before being completely configured. The assigned level of this logger.


SocketAppender Class Reference

Once inserted into the code, the generation of logging output requires no human intervention. TTCCLayout – u – unlock: The SocketAppender does not use a layout. Set options for appender named “A1”. The level variable need not be assigned a value in which case it documentatlon inherited form the hierarchy.

log4cxx – Documentation

Set options Reimplemented from AppenderSkeleton. This instance is used for subsequent Logger creations within this configurator. Docukentation are named entities. Set the level of this Logger. Only the Hierarchy class can set the hierarchy of a logger.

AsyncAppender Class Reference

It may also be the only way because debuggers are not always available or applicable. However, the children of this logger will inherit its appenders, unless the children have their additivity flag set to false too. If llog4cxx, the information sent to the remote host will include location information.

For non-root categories the syntax is almost the same: Location information extraction is comparatively very slow and should be avoided unless performance is not a concern.

Example An example configuration is given below. This is the most generic printing method. In case there is no bundle in the hierarchy then NULL is returned. The resourceBundle for localized messages. The key to be searched in the resourceBundle. Read the configuration file configFilename if it exists. This method walks the hierarchy to find the appropriate resource bundle.


Remove the appender with the name passed as parameter form the list of appenders. On the other hand, if the logger is debug enabled, you will incur the cost of evaluating whether the logger is debug enabled twice.

AppenderSkeletonAppender getLength: Starting from this logger, search the logger hierarchy for a non-null level and return it. The period is determined by the delay argument.

Appender configuration Appender configuration syntax is: RootCategoryLogger setLocationInfo: The meaning of the optional level value is discussed above in relation to the root logger.

Repository-wide threshold The repository-wide threshold filters logging requests by level regardless of logger.

Once in isDebugEnabled and once in the debug. The root logger is anonymous but can be accessed with the Logger:: Hence, this method returns false. PatternParser – f – fatal: If this logger is WARN enabled, it proceeds to call all the registered appenders in this logger and also higher in the hierarchy depending on the value of the additivity flag. Moreover, a thread will be created that will periodically check if configFilename has been created or modified.

Level – the assigned Levelcan be null. The parent of this logger. Set appender specific options.

This syntax means that an optional level can be supplied followed by appender names separated by commas. SocketImpl – b – bind: