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Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute LSGG – GENEVE plates LSGG AERODROME OBSTACLE CHART – TYPE A – RWY VFR Chart of LSGG. IFR Chart of LSGG. Location Information for LSGG. Coordinates: N46°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Genève. Geneva International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly known as Cointrin Geneva Operation Manual FRENCH · De-icing Procedures GVA · Charts.

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Cointrin International Airport

Swiss and French customs. Cross SPR at ft or above.

Reservations via PPR office. N 46 05 Digital and hard copyEn, Ge, Fr. A siren, followed by flashing red lights, is activated on the movement areas if there is a risk of lightning within a chartw of 5 km around the airport. The ACFT cockpit must be occupied by a pilot and communication with ground personnel must be established during the operation.


E 15 N 46 54 PCA connection follows shortly after engine shutdown. ACL location and elevation. The pilot shall indicate the parking position.

E 32 Wing tip to wing tip clearance may be reduced to at least 7. PPR slot has to be requested before filing any flight plan.

ARP coordinates and site at Aerodrome. See notes below Note 1: Box CH Geneva For business and general aviation FLTs, the ground handling agents are: The name of the ground handling agent shall be specified:. N 46 01 Additional information limitation of service, etc.

N 45 19 LDG clearance will be issued only if touchdown will occur before the night ban. Delayed LDGs may be tolerated between and and N 46 17 E 45 E 14 Restricted coverage published procedures covered: HEL stands 1 and 3 to 6: Refer to Cgarts chart 1: For parking stands on North apron: Link A and Link D: Crews may request its activation by contacting ATC.

Scheduled air traffic and charter FLTs are subject to schedule coordination performed by Slot Coordination Switzerland. Supplementary equipment available for providing information.


vACC Switzerland

Available, 1 rescue boat, 4 inflatable rafts for 37 passengers each, 1 inflatable raft for 65 passengers. Type s of clearing equipment. Designation and lateral limits. The use of the airborne APU is forbidden at these stands, except:. Zero range at DME station. N 46 40 Crew and passengers must be transported by AP vehicle.

LSGG – Geneva Cointrin International Airport

N 46 14 N 45 57 E 41 Charts and other information available for briefing or consultation. Lsyg down and stop as indicated by the closing rate indicator.

E 04 E 56 The climb is carried out as follows for jet and propeller ACFT: Defuelling with passengers on board is strictly prohibited. E 42 N 47 16 Simultaneous hover operations on HEL stands are not allowed. N 45 52 For commercial air transport, except taxi FLTs, the handling agents are: