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For the most part, the LUG version pretty much assumes your PCs are Starfleet. The Decipher version doesn’t. You can create any Trek type of. Memory Icon is the new home for the ICON-system content of the gaming site. All the Links to other Star Trek and ICON System resources. Last Unicorn Games’ Star Trek rpg, first published in , runs on an engine the designers called the ICON System. ICON brims with the sort.

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Contains deck plans and full game statistics. Most of the books can be found online for fairly cheap too.

Star Trek Role Playing Game (LUG)

In support of this, much of the unpublished material has been released for the fans. Filling out the character sheet becomes a chore, and remembering all the skills your character has is nearly impossible, at least in the first couple play sessions. These enhancements are now being stored online, and can be downloaded from Memory Iconunder the Icon Links section.

Those rules make a lot of sense to me, though. Have a site to add? Views Read Edit View history. Set just after the Deep Space Nine series in the year John Ross has posted his unfinished manuscripts on the Untaken Treks pages of his website. The rule adds another interruption that can bog down a fight. That sounds like a good thing to me, but I’ve never actually played Decipher Trek.

Accordingly, I try to make combat move as quickly as possible in my Star Trek campaign. To be sure, action and combat have their places in any Star Trek series, but I struggle to think of many episodes that depended entirely on action to tell a story. But you usually end up with unwieldy bags of mostly skills. I plan on reviewing individual supplements right here on this blog in future installments.


That lazer-like focus on creating a uniquely Trek platform pretty much saves the game and makes it a viable option rp.

If you want a less Starfleet-focused campaign, there are options for raiders, merchants and spies in the DS9 core book and further options in the wide range of supplements Sttar Unicorn Games published while they had the Star Trek license. Swift’s analysis of economy in Star Trek. Another mechanic that slows down the flow of combat is dodging.

Retrieved from ” https: D Bruniany January 17, at The Lost Dpg pages of his website. Science fiction Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-playing Game – Wikipedia

Fred Trekker January 19, at 6: The downside is that starship combat, more than any other component of the system, comes with a learning curve that makes it somewhat difficult to teach new players. For instance, a science officer has to get a sensor luv on a target every round of combat.

You’re not the first person I’ve heard say they prefer Decipher’s take on starship combat. Last Unicorn Games was one of the first roleplaying companies to utilise the concept of releasing additional pages lub published books via the web. And all right on the border of being official.

Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn)

Link away or use the following handy button or bar on your site: LUG’s former writing pool has been extremely generous and supportive of the fan-movement to keep the game alive and expand on it. Any additional crew beyond that is gravy. Individual works are the property of respective authors and may not be reproduced without permission.


If they establish a good sensor lock, the tactical officer gets a bonus for any attacks they make during the round. I found that the starship combat stsr the weakest part of the game because it was too detail oriented like a wargame keeping track of energy points.

He also provides a comprehensive price list that covers possibly every piece of equipment to appear in a LUGTrek rulebook! But, just like melee combat, starship battles play pretty slowly, at least in my experience. Archived from the original on Voyager rulebook could be stad. Many of the supplements produced by Last Unicorn Games to support the system are excellent and contain a lot of imagination and story seeds. But the system takes a turn toward inelegance with the sheer number of skills each character will end up with.

This site puts the Microsoft Network’s website hosting features to good use, providing campaign information, a bulletin board, image downloads, a chat room, personnel bios, and more.

If everyone keeps that tenet in mind, a gaming group can have a blast with LUG Trek.