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Shop Lutterloh System, The golden rule at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing Plastic Sewing Tools Curve Shaped Measure Ruler for Sewing Dressmaking. Browse Lutterloh Products on Create and Craft USA. Lutterloh Ruler. BOOK ID: LopjQueORV2 || [BOOK] Free Lutterloh Ruler Pdf Download. July 9th, – The Golden Rule Lutterloh sewing patterns system Shop.

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Read more about the condition. If the pattern isn’t fitting in more than the waist just remeasure.

It’s fun, do it several times trying to make it as good as possible. When I studied pattern grading we learnt how to create a series of blocks to fit our figure, for all the different garments and shapes. Should I cut out the paper pattern with the above measurements and then add 6cm to each of the front vest pieces for a total of 12cm by adding a large bust adjustment? Thankyou, I saw the shoulder post and it is an awesome idea.

I then use the pattern drawing as a rough guide to mark points at the edges of the pattern. I keep all the small stuff in this zippered pouch it is very handy!

August 30, at 4: If not the Lutterloh NZ links on the side offer a free pattern for the fitting vest. This blog is amazing! So check out what years patterns you have by reading our posting found in our listing on the right.

And YES people knew how to sew back then and they do not know the normal methods we once knew. Commercial patterns have us mark and use darts that don’t really fit us, and because we felt confident in following a pattern we leave them in unbecoming locations. rulfr


Rulers, Lutterloh System – Economical Sewing

I know I never put tacks in my orginal patterns I only use scans. Also, is it possible to develop original designs and then make the pattern using the book? Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else has the same problem. Pierce in Ohio December 29, at 6: I found one of those earlier this year.

Anonymous October 24, at 5: I’ve made 2 dresses from the patterns and they fit my customer really well. Hi can someone help me I have just received what I thought was a full lutterloh golden rule system, to my horror I only got the 2 curved rulers, no book no ruler can any one sugest what to do next as I cant find a seperate ruler.

I would really appreciate your help. Sign in for more lists. We have several listed on the right side bar. Ruker must log in or sign up to reply here. For the price I paid, I thought I could also get the curve ruler and the measuring tape. When the pants pattern shows there is a facing with the hatch luttelroh showing. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab They have something like quarterly updates you can subscribe to.

Now I am ready to make the two dots that are below my waist. MidgeMay 26, So this leads to my question.

Here’s a nead find I made just before I was off on my trip, while looking for vintage patterns: Such a rulr idea but didn’t think of it. There’s 2 patterns on each page. I do have the pattern fitting video if it is the one that looks to have been done in the early ‘s.



Please let me know your comments on this. Looks like a pattern for neck facing in the back You can’t see that in the picture.

So now in paper fitting you can help yourself by putting a grain line on the paper. So Anonymous please tell me what wasn’t fitting?

I also managed to do the full bust adjustment. Thank you so much for this, especially for the distance from bust point as I didn’t know this.

Lutterloh pattern system

I have a VHS made by Bruce many long years ago. Pam from South Australia July 20, at I have an ease problem, the recent blouse pattern I did came out exactly my size, no ease at all. You must send your e-mail in a posting On the back same thing ” parallel to the center back. The curve above I did by hand, no tools, just move from dot to dot with a swirl of the pencil. The reason you make the Vest first is that you end up with a garment that tells you how all the tops will fit and because the vest ryler down to your hip you also cover how the top of both pants and lutteroh will fit.

Pierce in Ohio Lutterlooh 26, at 6: Beth Blood April 9, at 5: It seems like a fantastic system.