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A new distributional record for Lyncodon patagonicus (Carnivora: Mustelidae), one of the smallest and least known mustelids of South AmericaUn registro nuevo. Abstract. The Patagonian weasel (Lyncodon patagonicus) is one of the least known carnivores from South America, and excluding some contributions. The Patagonian weasel (Lyncodon patagonicus) is one of the least known carnivores from South America, and excluding some contributions, knowledge of.

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The University of Chicago Press. View large Download slide. This 5th model E was generated by projecting all historical records over a new actual data set that was modified according to parameters extracted from the LGM in the following way: Variables containing information not present in the remainder were mean temperature of coldest quarter in model A, precipitation seasonality in model B, and altitude in models C and D. A recent work has modeled the past and extant potential distribution of the Patagonian weasel and found that this species is experiencing a retraction in its area of occurrence, an issue that will affect the conservation of this rare mustelid Schiaffini et al.

In this paper we report a new locality of occurrence for the species based on a photographed individual from Lihue Calel National Park, La Pampa Province. Temperature seasonality and minimum winter temperatures, together with elevation and spring precipitation, seem to be the greatest determinants of the species geographical distribution.

The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. Although available information indicates that L.


Biogeographic Regions neotropical native Habitat There is not a lot known about the habitat of L. Osgood, Osgood W. The photograph was taken in Salitral Levalle, which is a typical salt-flat environment, where the vegetation is a halophyte shrubland with dominance of Allenrolfea vaginataAtriplex undulataand Cyclolepis genistoide.

ADW: Lyncodon patagonicus: INFORMATION

Roig, Roig V. Prionodon Banded linsang P. In a biogeographic context, extant records of L.

IUCNRed list of threatened species. Lyncodon patagonicus occurs in herbaceous and shrub steppes and xerophytic woodlands, including salt flats such as those of the LCNP Prevosti et al. Phylogeograpgy and phenotypic diversification in the Lnycodon fish Percichthys trucha: The chorological history patavonicus L. Potential distributional models based on recent i. Citing articles via Web of Science Patagonian weasel Mounted specimen at Museum of Patagonia Conservation status.

The other variables, with ppatagonicus contributions, were related to minimum temperature of coldest month and precipitation taken by quarters in the LGM models A and Band elevation and winterAate fall minimum temperature and precipitation in the models with extant data C and D, Table 2. Sanabria and Quiroga Variable contributions were analyzed through MaxEnt’s jackknife tests.

With an AUC value of 0. Prevosti; Distribution of Lyncodon patagonicus Carnivora, Mustelidae: A general trend can be observed when analyzing the lyhcodon in a historical perspective, from LGM to Fig. Animals with bilateral symmetry have dorsal and ventral sides, as well as anterior and posterior ends. Small Indian civet V. Record localities for Lyncodon patagonicus for Argentina and Chile organized by date see Table 1. The mating system and behavior of Patagonian weasles remains unknown at this time.

Birney and Monjeau and Monjeau et al. Record localities for Lyncodon patagonicus.


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However, most mustelids associate only briefly during the mating season. Small-toothed palm civet A.

The Patagonian weasel Lyncodon patagonicus is a small, rare, and little known carnivore. It is reportedly active at dusk and at night.

A defensive behavior of this species is that when it is cornered, the neck pelage will be erected. Although 73 localities were listed, we were not able to assign an age i.

Patagonian weasel – Wikipedia

Mammal Species of the World: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use lyncodoon Privacy Policy. The 2nd data set contains elevation data; average ljncodon minimum, medium, and maximum temperatures; monthly precipitation; and 19 bioclimatic variables Humans et al. The Patagonian weasel Lyncodon patagonicus is a small mustelid that is the only member of the genus Lyncodon. Other jackknife tests i. For a better representation of scale, BI04 has been eliminated.

African striped weasel P. Western mountain coati N. Lyncodon patagonicus Patagonian weasel Facebook.

There is not a lot known about the habitat of L. As in all mammals, the female nurses her young. These patterns could be indicating a retraction in the distribution of L. Temperature bioclimatic variables in both actual and Last Glacial Maximum models.