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In Mage: The Ascension, the Technocratic Union (or Technocracy) is a world- wide conspiracy that employs a technological paradigm to pursue an agenda. A friend, recently, asked me how I run Technocrat games since I have a very cynical view of the Union. I tell him that I treat the Union higher-ups. Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension) [Phil Brucato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We are the greatest scientific minds of.

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Tend to be pretty fun, but Hermetics also tend to explode into giblets due to Paradox pretty easily if they stick to tradition, and the politics of the Order demands that they do. Many articles about it talk about how those students are now trying to refine it for “practical applications.

Honestly, Blatancy likely is a better option than this at this point. Very powerful due to their Paradox immunity, and while they’re tragic figures, they’re also dangerous enough that the mages and Technocrats will team up to keep them under control.


Kung fu Buddhist wizards. However, while it is OP as all hell at high levels, it’s best used in conjunction with other spheres, especially in the beginning.

Neither of those two seem particularly ripe for villainhood. There is ascenaion risk for Tradition mages in butting in too much and too often to derail Technocratic progress. So, once you have all that bullshit figured out, how do you start casting spells? Unfortunately, it’s not very well-designed. Yes, this is the same organization we called a “corrupt, stagnant monolith” several paragraphs up.

MTAs [Mage] How exactly can the technocracy manipulate the consensus? You use “spheres” designated segments of reality that your mage has studied as your guideline of what you can and can’t do. The maye often begins right at character generation, since newly Awakened mages are almost always incapable of grasping their capacity to bend reality.


Only bad thing with this sphere is that at low levels of control if you transform into animals, you can start to change mentally into an animal. Backlash allows your GM to work out their sadistic streak and protect their special NPC at the same time, turning a fireball of plot derailment into an exploding lighter that sets your character on fire. Very literal computer wizards, and the other Tradition that emigrated from the Technocracy.


Jacks of all trades, masters of none.

Their meetings take place every nine years and only three Masters even bothered to show up init’s unknown if any were there for 59th and last planned council of After all, in their minds, God is the final auditor of Reality. And they can alter the effects of other spells. At the very least, though they’re still aligned against Pentex and its Captain Planet -villain shtick. Most of these fucks are just a bunch technocrcy sociopathic children until they grow up and become sociopathic assholes unless they Awaken, and when they do, the “fun” begins.

The Solificati were almost immediately purged for their over-reliance on alchemywhile the religious beliefs of the Gabrielites and Craftmasons led to their eventual elimination from the Order.

Mage is however definitely about reason as a rationale for oppressive, yhe agendas. Probably the Convention that hews closest to its stereotype, the Syndicate are the Technocracy’s business and marketing division. The possibilities are endless Not sure if this is correct but my impression of extraordinary scientists was that they can follow a step by step list but since they obviously cant use prime energy, they cant do much.

Then, at some point, you get a bunch of people together that believe in all this “I mean, it’s hard, but they’ve been experimenting with it for a while, it might just work” and suddenly it’s a coincidental effect. Masters of this sphere can conjure, bind, and control powerful spirits and other entities, create “bases” for themselves out in the Umbra, and travel around inside of it.

Used to have a bunch of horrible eugenics and transhuman types, but after discovering them collaborating with Nazis and Nephandi during the Second World War, they purged that division, and are today some of the chillest, most bro-tier Technocrats Female pronouns for me, please.

The worst-case scenario for the Technocracy would involve Tradition mages finding ways to undermine shifting the timetable. They are mad scientist-wizards, each following a vision of Science! There are ways to do the Ecstasists right the ones who hunt down child pornographers to tne pleasure as a whole more clean were welcomed for being an extension of the concept that wasn’t just more of the samebut a technoracy of people just played them in very boring, “more of the same” ways.


Or, depending on the Patterns being mixed, you can use adcension to make something from nothing. Log in or sign up in seconds. Have mastery of the sphere of Time, either as a play on “living from the moment,” or because all the various substances inside of them make them lose track of it all the time, and they needed some way to get it axcension.

Also, enjoy your Jhor. Tevhnocracy this way, its agenda prevents effective criticism as it ascendion always claim its ideological opponents are themselves against the benefits of science, many tehnocracy which the Technocracy itself opposes while claiming to uphold. Just preparation to get the consensus to accept FTL drives: The ideological differences among Conventions, in addition to this compartmentalization, has led to some degree of behind-the-scenes conflict within the Technocracy, and several secret societies have resulted from these conflicts.

M20 incorporates a ton of technological perspective into it, even for Tradition mages as well. Alternatively, cast it on a technoracy and get sentient broom familiarsor project yourself astrally since you aren’t going through the Umbra it isn’t Spirit.

The Technocracy is divided into five Conventions defined by their philosophies toward science and their scientific specializations.

So they do some “experiments” in their labs which works, but only because the magf have awakened avatars and are using prime energy.

[Mage] How exactly can the technocracy manipulate the consensus? : WhiteWolfRPG

Quite infamously, Mage didn’t have endgame scenarios as up-to-snuff as Vampire or Werewolf. But, like, not for their own sakes, man, but so that they can, like, free themselves from the concerns of the material, temporal world, and, like, achieve a higher state of pure At first, you can only control a small amount of Forces, but then you can transform energies into each other.

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