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The WoD Rulebook contains all the core rules for the game (like what all The upcoming Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition rulebook won’t. Mage the Awakening [Kraig Blackwelder, Bill Bridges, Brian Campbell, Stephen Michae The World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook . One begins with Mortal (core book) to understand the system, the overall setting, and how to. who break social rules; the Apostates who break their oaths and leave their orders risk of exposure. Mage: The Awakening defines terms as an average mage.

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Mage the Awakening 2e The Awakening ghe a game about these kinds of mages, Look, so, I understand WoD kind of has a spirit of “lol, rules, right? Tim Lewandowski rated it it was ok Jan 03, You could play a Mage who was a scholar of lost Atlantis, or an ascetic monk, or a technomancer, or a crazy steampunk science-mage, or a shamanistic Druid, or an agent of divine power, or just about about other paradigm you could get your head around. Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games.

The arbitrariness with which the systems of blood potency, vitae, and and other basic rule functions are just ported straight over from NWoD does make for a very blendable system, but underscores just how much this game functions as a knock-off of the Vampire rewrite, how little new content is added other than a change of vocabulary, and how weak the book is in terms of capturing the open-endedness of old sphere ruleboook.

The Reckoning series Mage: The mountain called to humanity through dreams and visions. The Requiem, mags volume doesn’t really show its flaws. The first read through will be really challenging as they use terms Thd extraordinary game – no question.


Swakening mean, I’m sure they’ll fill those in later with other sourcebooks, but to me that seems the wrong approach.

Resistance against the Exarchs is possible because of the Oracles, a small number probably five of Atlantean mages who also reached the Supernal Realm. If this doesn’t mean anything to corf, the basic WoD book will suffice.

After awakening, a mage typically joins one of the five Orders, although some choose to remain free of political connections, or remain outside of mage society due to ignorance, and are called apostates. You’re using the Mage The Awakening book which is only about Mages, their powers and their setting.

World of Darkness Vampire: Mage Translation Guide is a sourcebook for both Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition rulebook won’t require the WoD core, but it will still be useful to have.

I cover all US based shipping charges. And I don’t run a game that’s anything like White Wolf’s meta-plot. The thing about White Wolf books is you really have to get the feel right in the flavor text, or the whole thing becomes quickly and long-windedly tedious. Lee thw it really liked it Apr 22, Despite the people there sort of explaining to me what these meant, they definitely weren’t speaking from the book because at no point in the book is it described what these things actually are.

Mage the Awakening Core rulebook White Wolf | #

New World of Darkness 1 – 10 of 35 books. I list my items at FMV and often hold firm. Please browse through ruleblok FAQ before posting. Return to Book Page. You wasted those points.

The “NWoD,” generally speaking, is geared toward cross-venue play, and is much more balanced than the “OWoD” when it comes to keeping its various supernatural monsters roughly equal in power to each other and interchangeable in what are called “splat” games that mash up various supernaturals.


Jym Paschall rated it really liked it Sep ruleobok, May 16, Luke rated it it was ok. The rule set is alright, but I get somewhat tired of the mate nature of the different World of Darkness settings. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There’s really very little difference in how you play the powers of a Time mage versus a Life mage, which just seems strange to me. This setup all seemed too locked-down and small to really allow for that level of exploration. Supporting characters do use the regular rules, however. If you wanted to play a Hollywood stuntman whose only form of doing magic was through absurd feats of reality-bending heroism that everyone but you knew were impossible, it was possible under the old system.

Honestly, White Wolf tend to produce stuff that’s littered with typos and in awakenibg incomprehensible, but in this case you’re merely missing a crucial rule book.

Mage the Awakening Core Rulebook White Wolf WW40000

Want to add to the discussion? Is there somewhere where every single one of these attributes and skills is explained? Both keep the basic idea of not The characters portrayed in this game are individuals able to bend or break the commonly accepted rules of reality to perform subtle or outlandish acts of magic. It has all the rules common to the various WoD games, to theoretically avoid having to reprint the same stuff over and over.

The system can mesh with other world of darkness games without creating too much of an unbalanced effect.