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Plz .. send me last five year solved question paper and reference books for preparing MAH MCA-CET exam. MY E-Mail ID is #1. 27th November , 34 PM Syllabus of MAH-MCA CET and last 10 years papers of the exam?. Sample questions with answers of MAH MCA CET is given in this here to download latest sample papers of MAH MCA CET Sample & questions. Applications are invited for MAH-MCA-CET for admission to First Year of The syllabus & sample question paper are available on website and also in.

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A sample question paper with answers is given in this section to help you understand the kind of questions that you can expect in syllxbus entrance exam. A bag contains red and blue marbles totaling between 50 and in number. One third of the marbles are picked from the bag, at random, and thrown away.

  BWV 1121 PDF

Last 5 years papers and books to be referred for MAH MCA CET exam

If one marble is now drawn at random from the bag, what is the probability in percentage of it being blue? Consider the following equation: Chetan, Bhushan and Shailu start sy,labus at the same time from the same point on a circular track of 70 meters radius.

Chetan and Syllabis run clockwise and Shailu runs counter clockwise. If Chetan meets Shailu every 66 seconds and Bhushan meets Shailu every seconds, how frequently in seconds will Chetan meet Bhushan?

What is the probability that the product of two consecutive non-negative integers will be a number ending with 0. Syllagus is the maximum number of points in space that can be equidistant from each other?

Which of the following is a characteristic of a data type in programming languages?

Suppose a system has been evolved, called the ternary system, by creatures having only 3 fingers. What will be the binary equivalent of in this system?


Consider the following program segment: What will be the value of j on termination of the segment? Get academic examination results for boards, universities, entrance mcq pan India.

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