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Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas. Dec 1, by MSI and Maharishi Sadashiva Isham. “A loving heart finds joy in every moment. Nothing can resist its power for growth.” ― Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension. (from Ascension! by Maharishi Sadashiva Isham [MSI]). The Science of Ascension. The Science of Ascension involves a process of systematic.

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Want to like this Page? But this is not simply a process of introspection to remove accumulated mental, spiritual and emotional debris; this process is primarily one of effortlessly uncovering ever more expanded states of awareness. It is useful to remember which house is ours each time we wish to return home without having to ask our neighbors. What does MSI stand for?

If you are searching for a way to keep your old belief systems in place, and continue the state of sleep walking that many people consider to be reality, then this is not the book for you.

In the Ishayas’ experience, approximately one hundred and eight of these are the best for everyone; of these one hundred and eight, twenty-seven are all that we commonly teach, for these twenty-seven are the most powerful, easy to use, and lead most directly and quickly to the desired goal.

Content in his experience of expanding consciousness, he settled into a quiet lifestyle of meditation, writing books and designing and building houses. After 18 months, the Ishayas instructed him to return to the outside world to share his story with the rest of humanity.

This is true because each of the twenty-seven has the inherent property of leading the mind into ever-higher rates of experience and understanding; simultaneously, each of the twenty-seven assists the mind to undo all of its false beliefs, fears and imaginings. MSI’s life was punctuated by the desire to know. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


From fear, we usually choose not to hear. When he returned to the West, MSI knew he had the tools to change the world, yet virtually no one would listen to him. Indeed, fully understanding the mechanics of Ascension is probably impossible without experiencing it. Each of the twenty-seven wipes the slate of the mind clean while writing there a new script.

But it is possible to change deep-seated belief patterns easily and effortlessly by the introduction of a few new seed thoughts. In many cases, that contribution is only revealed after death. The techniques, known as Ascension Attitudes, are based on the ascending emotions of Praise, Gratitude, Love, and Compassion, and have the power to transform the life of anyone who will give them the chance.

From birth, we have all structured certain beliefs, based on our own direct experience. This underlying truth of creation can be named anything. Valinthe Asur emperor, and his armies represent the ego, which opposes the upward movement of creation.

Quote by Maharishi Sadasiva Isham: “A loving heart finds joy in every moment. Nothi”

If we believe that life is hard, that we are unloved and perhaps even unlovable, that we are unhappy, that we are unworthy, will sadashivs experience an easy, effortless life of love and joy?

But it is easy to begin to reverse this and move back toward the freedom and power of life in the present moment.

They can be equally well practiced by the Christian, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jew, the agnostic, the sadaxhiva. There are four basic emotions or Attitudes that lead to Ascension: This process unwinds or loosens the deeply held judgments and beliefs that keep us bound to fear and restriction.

His frustration from feeling different and alone was blanketed by a firm sarashiva that one day he would discover the purpose of life. Ascension is spreading to many foreign countries, with centers opening around North America and the world. MSI lived to see the message of Ascension firmly rooted in fertile soil and spreading globally.


What Is Hospice Care? Knowing that all angels fly and. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was so lucky Retrieved December 31 from https: Each of these seed thoughts has the result of unmaking past belief patterns that keep our lives from unfolding in a healthy and harmonious maharisyi. I recommend this book to anyone who has serious interest in what Patanjali described in his sutras thousands of years ago. The Ishaya’s Ascension Powerful meditation techniques to effortlessly experience the deep peace that lies beyond the surface chaos of; – Maharishi Sadashivaa Isham.

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It has taken us many years to cloud our minds with self-destructive beliefs and habits. Ascension is spreading to many foreign countries and centers are opening around North America and throughout the world.

He eventually found himself in Fairfield, Iowa, home of the TM University with a wife and two children. To be free, it is necessary to acknowledge what we have done and are continuing to do to ourselves to keep from listening.

Ascension as taught by the Ishayas; Maharishi Sadashiva Isham ; the practice of Ascension is based on ancient yoga practices and the yoga sutras. The reason for this is that each of the twenty-seven has the extraordinary and unique characteristic of allowing the mind automatically to continue Ascending to ever higher levels of experience and understanding. Unmaking or unlearning old belief patterns is extraordinarily difficult by consciously attempting to unmake them or change them.

The message of his life — that perfection on Earth is not only possible, but imminent — is gathering momentum and manifesting in the rapid growth of consciousness seen in all who practice the simple techniques of the Ishayas.