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Malleus Daemonum [Alexander Albertinus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Alexander Albertinus, a Franciscan of Observance. Malleus Daemonum appears to be a very rare book on the subject of manual by the title Flagellum daemonum (Flail of Demons–it seems to. While the Malleus itself cannot be blamed for the Inquisition or the horrors Malleus Maleficarum is one of the most blood-soaked works in.

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Typis Bartholomaei Merli, Obscure Latin verses causing the possessed to writhe in agony.

Familiar scenes to any fan of exorcism movies, or to any TV channel surfer daemoum time of year. While works on demonology, or even religion more broadly, are not malleis collecting area here in Special Collections, we do have a few interesting books to be found on subjects such as these from an earlier era of less discriminate collecting.

Malleus Daemonum appears to be a very rare book on the subject of exorcisms.

Trying various searches in WorldCat an online union catalog that includes items from libraries in countriesI found only 4 other copies of the edition like we have one at the University of Illinois here in the United States and three at libraries in the United Kingdomand another five copies of the edition in the United States, Australia, and in Rome.

As the subtitle implies quatuor experimentatissimi exorcismi, ex Euangelijs collectior Four Most Experimented Exorcisms Collected from the Gospelsthe book explores the subject of exorcisms in the context of the four Christian gospels.

Written in Latin, each begins with a litany, or series of formulaic petitions, along these lines: Pater de Coelis Deus, libera hanc Creaturam tuam ab maloeus malis, et vexationibus Daemonium. God the Father of Heaven, God, deliver this creature of thy family, from all evils, and vexation of evil spirits.


Rare Malleus Maleficarum – Frankfurt Printing –

The litany continues for several pages, calling on the Trinity, the apostles, and the saints, to drive away demons. To put this book in context, I looked at a number of recent scholarly works exploring witchcraft and demonic possession in early modern Europe and North Americaroughly from the late 15th daemonun to the late 18th century. In her book Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern FranceSarah Ferber explains that the high number of cases of demonic possession and exorcism of that period took place in the context of the Protestant Reformation of the maloeus centurywhich brought a great deal of turmoil to Europe.

The proliferation of exorcism during the period was viewed as problematic by the Catholic Church, deamonum to Ferber.

Exorcists were sometimes viewed as having made a pact with the devil themselves, in their development of rituals to drive out the possessing demons, but the rite of exorcism also had its defenders. Most famously, Girolamo Menghi, an Italian Franciscan priest, published an authorized exorcism manual by the title Flagellum daemonum Flail of Demons —it seems to me that our author Albertinus likely had this book in mind when titling his own in Malleus Daemonum on the shelf with its neighbors.

See faint markings of previous letters on the spine. Examining the book beyond its text and historical milieu, it shows some interesting binding features. It is bound in limp vellummeaning that the vellum is not stretched around a board, but is simply attached to the spine and folded around the text blockproviding a flexible cover. This is what is known as a palimpsestfamiliar to scholars of medieval manuscripts. Parchment and vellum were expensive to produce, so they were made reusable by scraping or washing the ink from a page.


I am not experienced enough to know if this is a common feature of vellum used for bindings, but it is not something I have come across before. I cannot quite make out what was written underneath the current title.

Rare 1582 Malleus Maleficarum – Frankfurt Printing

Front cover of Malleus Daemonum in limp vellum with scribblings in ink. Further of interest, there is more writing, not so thoroughly erased, on the front cover of the binding.

It is more messily written, as if it were used to scribble some notes, and makes me wonder if this book was bound with a piece of reused parchment.

More of a student of paleography than I can currently claim to be would need to take a look at it. Levack, Oxford Dawmonum Press, You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. BF A38x The demon-possessed woman. Title page of Malleus Daemonum First page of the litany section of Exorcism I.

Malleus Daemonum – Alex. A. ¬a Rocha – Google Books

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