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Listen to and buy Mandragora Tango Orchestra music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Siete Tandas by Mandragora Tango Orchestra on the independent. MandrĂ¡gora Tango. likes. We’ve played more milongas than any band outside of Argentina. (At least , most of which are from playing every Sunday.. . Gary Korlin’s naturalistic approach to painting is embedded in his 19th Century French Academic training. And, Mandragora Tango performs. AIR DATE 9/22/

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It is an interpretation of an idealized evening of tango dancing. This is just like a real album, except that it’s shorter and free. Join our email list! We’ll probabbly re-record are few of these tracks in a studio sooner or later.

These “2-pagers” all had the same format. Like and Follow us on Facebook! Like and Follow us on Facebook!

Robert “Fish” Jones was a Mpls fishmonger with a kandragora for marketing. When we have friends sitting in with us, we can add a piano or a second violin or second bando for a fuller sound.

You can also download them individually: You may have noticed that we are a quartet mandragra that we don’t have a pianist. I’m relatively certain that all the charts on this page are out of copyright and are not currently available anywhere except, perhaps, ebay. All these tracks are a good deal faster than I would play these songs today.


MandrĂ¡gora Tango

This is our first CD entirely of alternative and electronic tango. On April 29th, we will celebrate 10 years of live tango tzngo. A rolicking 3 minutes of undanceable Piazzolla goodness. Side 1 would be the more popular tango and side 2 would be “filler”.

Norberto Vogel makes great custom arrangments. The beauty of these charts is that you don’t need all the parts for the music to sound decent. Come out and dance to the Mandragora beat you know and love fortified with strings and piano!

Doors open at 9PM with the performance at You can also click here to get the player in a pop-up window so you can continue surfing our site. If you can mandragorx leadsheets and are just starting out as a tango player, these charts may be just the thing for you. Tang certainly aren’t the best arrangements out there and I’m certainly not in the same class of arrangers as the cats in Buenos Aires, but I want to put my stuff out there in the hopes that other musicians with other charts will do the same if you want, I can post them to this site and link back to you.


Here are some mandrayora from that show: We’ve played several live mandrxgora shows and have a growing library of “bootlegs” for your listening pleasure. If you use the MIDI file, none of the articulations will be preserved.

Sorry: Mandragora Tango is no longer a thing

Check out these pages: You can buy it at CD Baby or at any of our shows. Notice that I said demo “tape”. Almost every band with a webpage allows you to download a few recordings. Because Tango falls in a unique category between Classical, Jazz and World Music, this page is organized by the kinds of musicians that might find it usefull. This tour features Bob Barnes on bandoneon,Matt Miller on bass.

Like and Maneragora us on Facebook! Download a ZIP file of these 3 songs. I’ve written about this in an earlier blog post. I had almost no concept of Argentine tango at the time and played mostly in a Euro-jazz swing style.

These are all live tracks recorded in April and May You will see a lot of this rhythm: