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The FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to meeting the Canadian definition of recycled fine paper as found in Environment Canada’s National Guideline number ECP 08 89, une alarme. Alarme Ecp Automotivo Manual Alarme Residencial · Antenas e Acessorios · Automotivo · Baterias e Carregadores · Cancelas Rossi · Cerca. All references in this manual for number of zones . module, and the ECP Communications Device. 6. .. “manual bypasses” and will not be unbypassed upon.

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Institutions can make their visual communications more effective and coherent by establishing a corporate “look”. A well-planned system enables people to find their destination readily and quickly, reducing the need to search or to ask questions.

Federal Identity Program Manual

The following pertains to printed return addresses for items such as envelopes, letterheads, forms and calling cards. Modifications to the primary identification signs affect the top band or blade. A service title should respect the following criteria:.

The full manuak value of a corporate identity depends on good quality reproduction which should be monitored in all applications e. For instance, the use of a space generally indicates a subordinate rank.

To achieve brevity, the omission of terms that reflect an organization’s structure may be considered e. All printing shall appear parallel to the longest dimension of the envelope.

Alignment mark indicating position of the typewritten address: The need to help the user public by providing information and direction should not be interpreted as a call for many signs. The colours red and white were declared to be Alarje official colours.

Designing a corporate identity is the most complex of graphic design activities and it is essential to obtain the support of senior management both for its creation and its maintenance. The formats have been designed to project a consistent visual image of the government and, where applicable, to conform to the Canada Postal Standards. It requires research into past practices of designing alaeme producing published material, defining the objectives and writing the actual brief.


Vehicles on long-term leases 90 days and over should bear standard markings consistent with the design standards. Warranties on materials are limited to those given to SSC by suppliers and contractors. The legibility of a sign message deteriorates when the viewing angle is less than 45 degrees.

The minimum space is 3x Fig. Described here is the system of markings intended to meet common requirements, simplify procurement, and achieve standardization. Table 3 shows the character size with the corresponding height of the symbol. Symptomatic of a bureaucracy, abbreviations are part of its nomenclature. The manaul of good masters reproduction proofs or electronic versions is essential to maintaining quality.

Where the name of another government or an institution is to be included in a message presented in a side by side bilingual format, that name may be in French or English, or both, as required by the other government or the institution concerned.


The following publications are referred to in this section. For example, a signature using a character size of 25 mm requires a symbol which is 75 mm or 3x in height Fig. The modified version is used for all large signatures that appear in white on a dark background, e. Helvetica light is used on all stationery except for standard flats, where Helvetica regular is specified. Titles of programs and services Referred to as ”service titles”, these are names that identify an organizational unit, program or service and that appear in conjunction with the title of the parent organization.

Federal Identity Program Manual –

Such signs would not be subject to government policy and design standards although they could, of course, refer to a federal institution. The function of management is to nanual that all corporate communications reflect the organization and its goals in a consistent and positive manner, reinforcing each other. Selective kerning should be used in all cases to improve letter-fit and to enhance visual appearance Fig.


A special weather-resistant ecpp should be specified for those elements of the markings that are to appear in red i. The ratio between the type size and the height of the flag symbol is 1: Generally, the corporate identification is supplemented by a message that is specific to a particular service or location. They include items intended for government-wide use, activities involving two or more institutions, as well as facilities occupied by several government institutions.

All others who are involved in formulating messages or who are responsible for the design, procurement or placement of signs will find it helpful to consult these guidelines as well. A small sign commonly referred to as a plaque may be sufficient in the latter case. To ensure that messages are correct in every respect, organizations should provide appropriate controls. The creation of a signature should be based on a clear understanding of the institution’s corporate structure, its goals and, of course, the communications manua.

The Federal Identity Program FIP policy makes each institution responsible for managing its corporate identity within the framework of the government-wide policy and standards.

While continuity and uniformity are important factors of corporate identity, it mmanual also clear that corporate identity and visual communications are dynamic and therefore subject to changes in corporate culture and strategy.