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Tighten the other bolts using the wheelbrace 1 only. No value is displayed. Storage Boxes, Steering Wheel Comfort Storage boxes Storage below the steering wheel Depending on equipment, storage boxes are located under the front seat. Driving Steering mounted control paddles Displays in the instrument panel Moving off With your foot on the brake pedal, select position P or N.

Page 98 Comfort Access to the third row Leaving the vehicle from Repositioning a seat, from seats the third-row seats the outside, with the door open Access to the picqsso seats is via the outer second-row seats. Classified Ad with Best Offer. Page 27 Familiarisation Limit the causes of excess consumption Observe the recommendations on maintenance Spread loads throughout the vehicle; place the heaviest items in the Check the tyre pressures regularly, when cold, referring to the label in bottom of the boot, as close as possible to the rear seats.

Alphabetical index Total distance recorder It is illuminated on opening. Installation of radio Depending on the legislation in force communication piacsso the country, it may be compulsory Speakers, Hi-Fi module, Bluetooth hands-free transmitters to have a high visibility safety vest, system, head-up display screen, portable warning triangle, breathalyzers and satellite navigation system, semi-integral Before installing any after-market radio spare bulbs and fuses available in the Adjust the height and reach to suit your A child surveillance mirror is fitted above the driving position.

If the cruise control is on, you can then modify pressing button 5: Monitoring Button Corresponding function Comments Vehicle picassl Access to other functions with settings that can be adjusted. Page Driving Temporarily exceeding Operating fault the programmed speed Press firmly on the accelerator pedal, Flashing of the dashes indicates a fault with the On sharp acceleration, as when going beyond the point of resistance, to speed limiter.


Emergency Or Assistance Call, Warning Triangle Safety Emergency or Warning triangle assistance call This safety device should be used in addition to the hazard warning lamps.

Citroën C4 Picasso – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Massage Function Comfort Electric lumbar adjustment Massage function Activation Deactivation Press the control to obtain the desired lumbar support. Page Driving Operating fault In the event of a fault with the active cruise When the cruise control is working, take The operation of the radar, located in control, you are alerted by an audible signal care if making a maintained press on the front bumper, may be disturbed by and display of the message message “Driving one of the cruise control programmed Page Driving Operating fault In the event of a fault, you are The operation of the radar, located in alerted by the display of the Service the front bumper, may be disturbed by warning lamp, accompanied by a accumulations of grime dust, mud Ensure that the weight of the towing vehicle is higher than that of the towed vehicle.

Press Media to display the primary page then select “Memo”.

If it is not, check to the “MAX” mark but should never The coolant must conform to the the brake pad wear. Wheel chocks for immobilising the vehicle except versions with manual gearbox. Driving Parking the vehicle Operating fault Before switching off the engine, you can change to position P or N to be in neutral. Page Safety Child seat in the front “Rearward facing” mznual facing” Passenger seat in the midway longitudinal position, the lowest height position, then When a “rearward-facing” child seat is When mxnual “rearward-facing” child seat is the height control lever pulled 11 times.

Rain and sunshine sensor. Select ” Colour schemes”. More refinements More refinements Select change the source. Page Visibility Switching off the lighting Operation of the rear foglamps is In good or rainy weather, by both day when switching off the ignition inhibited with the tailgate open. The braking system fluid level has You must stop as soon as it is safe to do so.

Comfort Dual-zone digital air conditioning Temperature adjustment This air conditioning system operates with the engine running, but the ventilation and its controls are available with the ignition on. Driving Parking sensors Rear parking sensors The system is switched on by engaging reverse gear. Access to the tools General recommendations Observe the legislation in force in your country.


2009 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (337 pages)

Safety a Universal child seat: The gears engaged are displayed successively D and the gear engaged are displayed in the in the instrument panel. Safety The driver must ensure that passengers use In order to be effective, a seat belt must: Recommendations for children the seat belts correctly and that they are all be tightened as close to the body as Use a suitable child seat if the passenger is restrained securely before setting off.

For the replacement of this type of lamp, Faster flashing of a direction indicator Remove the two screws to remove the unit. If there are passengers seated in the third row: These screens are the representation of a colour scheme. Turn off screen Turns the screen off. Visibility Interior mood lighting Footwell lighting The dimmed passenger compartment lighting improves visibility in the vehicle when the light is poor.

2007.5 Citroën C4 Picasso – Owner’s Manual (256 pages)

Comfort Rear view mirror Automatic tilting in reverse gear Adjustable mirror providing a central rearward view. Comfort Air freshener button Replacing a cartridge For safety, use only cartridges that are provided for this purpose.

Practical information Towing the vehicle Procedure for having your vehicle towed or for towing another vehicle using the towing eye. Driving Park Assist This system provides active assistance with The Park Assist amnual provides assistance for During a manoeuvre the steering wheel parking, detecting a parking space then the following manoeuvres: The sealant cartridge is designed for single use; This system indicates the proximity of an obstacle person, vehicle, tree, picadso, etc.

You can memorise up to six speed settings for each of the two systems. Back-up Control Access Back-up control System allowing the doors to be locked and unlocked manually in the event of a malfunction of the central locking system or battery failure.

Picasxo the stalk downwards. Scented Air Freshener Comfort Scented air freshener The scented air freshener releases a fragrance into the passenger compartment via the central air vents.

Select ” Settings “. Manual adjustments Forwards-backwards Driver’s seat backrest angle Switching on The interior mood lighting can be activated or deactivated via the “Driving assistance ” menu, then ” Vehicle settings “.